Colour like what?

Bouncy Balls are super fun. Have you ever wondered what it would look like to drop 250,000 of them onto the streets of San Francisco? No? Well now you can watch it anyway. I found this Sony Bravia TV Spot over at adblather, where they do just that. The idea behind the spot is that Sony Bravia LCD screens have “Colour like no other.” That’s their tag line. The spot itself is an impressive display of colorful bouncy ball bliss, both simple and spectacular. Watch the making of the movie here. And see the ad in high resolution here

However, I have to admit, tag lines like “Colour like no other” are kind of an advertising pet peeve of mine. Lots of companies have lame tag lines like, “Service like no other,” or “There’s nothing quite like it,” or “The taste you can’t find anywhere else.” Tag lines like these tell you absolutely nothing about the product, not to mention they could be used by any other company for almost any other product. That means they are bad. A tag line “like no other,” is really just like all the others.

If you spot tag lines like the ones I have mentioned, send them to me, along with the product they are for, and I will start a running list.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great ad... and appreciate that they used the European spelling "colour". What if the tag had just been "COLOUR"?

Littlejohn said...

"Colour" would be a big improvement, because the single word tag line implies that "nothing else matters." They would own the word colour in their catagory. However, "Colour" alone still seems to be somewhat lacking. But that's the beautiful thing about Advertising; it's all subjective.

Anonymous said...

the site's now got a high quality version of the ad

Littlejohn said...

Thanks. I have now updated the post with the link.

Anonymous said...

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They would own the word colour in their catagory. However, "Colour" alone still seems to be somewhat lacking.

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