A dirty three letter word

I see Great Pointed Archers running around the streets of Chicago all the time. They never bother me much, so I don’t bother them. I once knew a girl who had a Great Pointed Archer for a pet. I have to admit, it was kind of cute. If you have no clue what I am talking about, go to greatpointedarcher.com. It’s a website dedicated to eliminating the nasty “R” word from our vocabulary and replacing it with the more dignified “Great Pointed Archer.” You can learn all kinds of facts about the Great Pointed Archer (they can jump an amazing 48 inches on one leap), see videos, play a game, and sign a petition.

There has been some speculation about whether this website is a joke or not. It is unclear who is really behind it. But in my opinion, the site has Ad agency written all over it. In College we were given the assignment to create an Ad campaign for apples, the thought being, if you can sell something as ordinary as an apple you should be able to sell most anything. Well, if an Ad agency can get people to start thinking of Rats as “Great Pointed Archers” then just imagine what they could do with a client’s brand. At least that is what they are hoping clients will think. Is an Ad agency really behind this? Will they succeeded? That, at least, is really up to you and me. I will keep you posted.


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