Have it all your way

The new trend in business is all about you. No, I’m not talking about that cheesy customer service crap you have been hearing for years. And I’m not talking about ordering a Burger King burger and having it “Your Way.” Companies literally want their products to be yours, so much so that they will let you design them yourself. I first encountered this trend with Nike ID, where you can design your own Nike running shoes online and then have them shipped to you. Try it out; it makes you feel powerful.

But now we as consumers have evolved past being shoe designers, and we can now design cars. Well, the roofs of cars at least. Check out mini’s site, where you can upload your own picture or image and have it plastered on the roof of your new car. At the site you can also view what everyone else thought would be "totally sweet” to put on their mini. Consider it the modern yuppie tattoo.

While I think it’s great that companies are starting to really put their consumers first, and adopting the whole “the customer is always right” philosophy, have we gone too far? I just don’t know if I want to live in a world where I have to park every day next to my neighbor's black Ford Taurus with a large skull and cross bones on the top with the words “"Kiss my tail pipe" written in old english on the back. Even though, that would look pretty sweet.


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