TV on the Magazine

Prepare for sensory overload. Siemens has developed paper-thin video screens, which are cheap to produce and easy to make. What does this mean for you? They hope to use this video paper in magazines, newspapers and product packaging.

Imagine walking down the grocery aisle and seeing hundreds of dancing leprechauns on the boxes of Lucky Charms. And instead of flipping past the magazine ads, you might have to push a pause button to stop the moving images. They also hope to put “small computer games” on packaging. So, kids won't be buying the cereal for the toy inside (like I did), they will just want to play the new video game on the back of the box. Video paper, as I am calling it, runs off “printable batteries,” whatever those are, so they can only be used in those mediums that have a short shelf life.

But maybe I am painting video paper in a negative light. Seimens likes to think their paper thin screens could be used for good, like on “pillbox[s], for example, [which] could display instructions for how it should be taken and provide this information in several languages with the push of a button."

As an advertiser, this is the kind of thing that I would normally be very excited about. It opens the doors to do a lot of interesting new work. However, the consumer side of me knows I am going to have to put up with a lot of annoying crap from other advertisers who won’t use this power for good, but rather, for evil.

Link via Adverlab


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