Eat Feed - Podcast of the Year

Award recipients to be recognized at The Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference 2005

I am sure Eat Feed is preparing an amazing celebration feast. Because, it was just announced that Eat Feed will be awarded "Podcast of the Year" at The Portable Media Expo November, 11th. For those of you not familiar with Eat Feed, it’s a food podcast that indulges in the history, culture and tradition of good food. And for the handful of people who don't know what a podcast is, read about it here.

The press release states “For Podcast of the Year, the committee was asked to choose a podcast having several characteristics including:

a) a podcast that stays on-topic and provides unique information to a niche audience not widely available elsewhere
b) a podcast with an informative website and (optionally) quality supporting printed collateral
c) a podcast with exceptional listener loyalty”

It seems in both the food world and the podcastng world, the cream still rises to the top, despite the thousands of podcasts out there. Eat Feed will be awarded $1,000 and will surely receive a ton of publicity inside the podcasting world and out. This comes as a big announcement, and could possibly help cement podcasting, what some have called a fad, as a viable and respected medium. I imagine “Podcast of the Year” is going to sound like a very tasty piece of advertising pie to many marketers. I will be interested to see who takes the first bite. And for all you podcasters out there, if you haven't already, check out Eat Feed and hear what awarding winning podcasting sounds like.

Here are a few other podcasts I recommend:
American Copywriter
Not Your Usual bollocks music
Kangaroo alliance


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thanks for the recommendations - always on the hunt for great things to tune in to

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