Instructions for Hansaplast

I found this nice little ad for Hansaplast bandages over at AdHunt. It's very simple. No headline, no copy, no tag. You get the point. However, while this is a pretty cool print ad, it would have been much cooler if they actually incorporated this ad into real product instructional manuals, like for Ikea or something. Handsaplast could own the instructional manual category and have this ad in every product manual for every product.

Of course, most Companies won't want to suggest that assembling or using their product will in any way harm you. But I think consumers have become savvy enough to understand that it's just an ad. Plus, the ad space would pay for the production costs of the manuals. Next time you see an ad in an instructional manual remember, you heard it here first. Of course, now that I have said that, someone will soon bring to my attention an ad already featured in an instruction manual.


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