Miller Lite v. Bud Light

Miller Lite is taking Bud Light to court in the biggest Taste Trial to date. Consider this new Miller Lite campaign, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, an all out attack on Bud. And boy is it a hilariously nasty trail. On the Taste Trial Website, you can watch the trial unfold and also listen to the “facts,” as Miller presents them. (Be sure to watch “The Case – facts” section for some truly compelling moments).

Apparently Bud is pleading not guilty and has asked networks to stop airing the commercials, objecting to their false claims. But Miller insists they have the evidence to back them up. Give the site a look and you be the judge. It will be interesting to hear Bud's rebuttal.

Here's another miller site worth checking out


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Miller Lite > Bud Lite

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