Name that tune with Virgin Digital

Usually, a commercial gets old the more you see it. But not so with this incredibly engaging spot for Virgin’s new music subscription service Virgin Digital.

On first viewing you think the commercial is just animated, drug induced nonsense, but then you realize the spot is taking you through a visual music mind game, with dozen of hidden song references. The pay off is, “Exercise your Music Muscle.” I have watched this spot probably five times and have still not identified all the songs. Here are just a few to watch out for. I shot the sheriff. Purple Rain. Hotel California. Piano Man. Video Killed the Radio Star.

Watch the Virgin commercial Here. Let’s see if we can find all the songs people. Post your finds in the comments.

I have had a hard time tracking down the ad agency responcible for this spot, but on Virgin Digital's site, David Brody gets credit for "developing and impleminting all brand communication for the company." However, ad agency Ground Zero has recently done work on the Virgin Digital account. If any one knows for sure who created this spot, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Blue Suede Shoes and Message in A Bottle are two more. Pretty fun stuff. Thanks for the link.

posmodernism-himself said...

seven nation army, god save the queen, american women, werevolves of london, tears from heaven, surfin bird, sittin on the dock of the bay, magic carpet ride, another brick in the wall, white rabbit, i fought the law and the law won, we are the champions, Oh and yes we are the champions. This comment brought to you by the letters J,W and C. That is Jonathan Will and Chris.

Littlejohn said...

Very nice gentlemen. I will add a few more: Free bird. Dancing Queen. And Where the streets have no name. I think that is almost all of them. But what's the deal with the three-headed dude? And what is that little dog on the bar stool with the space helmet?

Waste-O-Time said...

I think you forgot a couple: Hit me Baby One more Time, Bye Bye Bye,
Let the Rain Fall Down, Isn't it Ironic, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog, Silent Night, We Three Kings, Criminal, Shadow Boxer, Lady Marmalade (Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi- C'est Soir), Superman (I'm more than a bird, I'm more than a plane), I wanna Dance All night, Half of Public Enemy's First Album, and too many of the School House Rock songs to count. I think that about does it for the corrections. Good work on yours, though, I mean, we don't all have such an eye/ear for music. (wink)

will coter said...

atomic dog. by George clinton. Brought to you by Will Cote

will coter said...

i saw on another post that the 3 headed gut is me, myself and i by beyonce. it was on the tip of my tongue

denise said...

Bellboy by the who

"i fought the law" could also be "police and thieves"

Anonymous said...

Have a close look at the three headed guy - his labels say "me", "myself" and "I". There's also "like a rolling stone", and did anyone say "werewolves of london" yet?

All I can think of for the egg with legs is "I am the Eggman" from "I am the Walrus".

Anonymous said...

This campaign (including the print piece - have you guys seen it?) was created and developed by Ground Zero, an agency based in marina del Rey/CA.

Anonymous said...

Mockingbird, Bulls on parade, others that i know are said already...

Anonymous said...

Two more: Tiny Dancer and Video Killed the Radio Star

Anonymous said...

The spot was written by Ground Zero Advertising and designed, directed and animated by National Television in Los Angeles You can check them out or a direct link to the Quicktime can be found here.

Anonymous said...

National Television:


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Eye in the sky
(Alan Parsons Project)

Does anybody know the music of the video (sing sing sing sing....)? Cant get it out of my ears.

Ditz Atrops

cindyloumarie said...

I am also haunted by this song. I found a link to the lyrics by Serena Ryder. The first tune on her Unlikely Emergency CD is called Sing Sing, and is listed at 37 seconds. Elsewhere I read that she had written all the songs on the CD except for one "At Last", "re-popularized by Etta James".

Her website is pretty cool.

cindyloumarie said...

here are the details.


Client Creative Directors: Rodrigo Butori & Kristina Slade
Client Producer: Kat Friis
Designed & Directed: National Television
3d Animator: Wonhee Lee, Kevin Walker
Additional illustration: Ben Lee
Head of Production: Steiner Kierce
Audio/Sound Design: Sing, Sing- Serena Ryder
Special Effects/Processes: After Effects, Maya, and Adobe Creative Suite

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, andPaint it Black. I know it's way after the fact but...

Anonymous said...

Hotel California
Video killed the radio star
I shot a cowboy

Marc said...

Two more:

Purple Rain
I shot the Sheriff

Anonymous said...

Does anyody have a clue just how many songs are supposed to be represented here? Like the 'spot the band' pic this could go on for miles. Apparently there is also a similar thing going around but you have to find the we know where to find that one?

Anonymous said...

The Advertising site
touts upwards of 50 animated song titles from the last half century some famous and some not-so-famous.

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Anonymous said...

i agree, why don't kids just get a clue? my friend from spain emailed me this commercial. it is one of the funniest things i have ever seen while being alive.

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