Ahhhh, kids are so stupid.

Kids and advertising. Aahhhhh, they go together like poppy on a beagle. And most of the time the cheese is spread thick (cream cheese in this analogy). But Bill Cosby's words of wisdom still ring true - "Kids say the darndest things (jello pudding pop)." It's true, you never know what's going to come out their little brains - and sometimes it's hilarious.

Thanks to Josiah over at Irresponsible Journalism for posting this Trigon BlueCross Blue Shield commercial. I forget where I first saw this ad, but it's still funny. I believe it was done by the folks at Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis (let me know if that's not correct).

A Dog's Life

The Sci-Fi Channel has a new spot that is worth a watch. The execution is quite good and in :90 seconds you get a taste of the strangeness you can find in the world of science fiction television. I especially like the way the tag line is treated at the end. Very smart. Watch it here

VW does a body good

Copy: 5 adults + 603 litres. The new Passat Variant.

Okay, Okay, so this print ad is pretty much a shallow, visual pun, but I love it. It's simple, random and strangely hilarious.
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Jonny Glow

Possibly one of the strangest commercials I have ever seen. I don't really know what to say about it. But it sure does explain the product benefit - a little too well maybe. Just watch it Jonny Glow - Animated by Danmeth

Song Lyrics:
You never ever have to turn on the light
when you wake up in the middle of the night.
With Jonny glow you can see where to go
and everything will be all right.

Jonny glow works for me
Hallelujah, I can see where to pee.
Johnny Glow is really neat
because I don't go to bed with two wet feet.

A dog's life

Copy: Because dogs don't always have it easy. Pedigree Dog Treats

Ad blather reminded me of these really funny print ads that won Gold in the Cannes Lions Festival this year. They were created by TWBA/Paris. I thought you all might enjoy them too.

Morons need not apply

Here's a great way to weed out the idiots who never should have applied for the job in the first place. McKinsey & Company is a prestigious consulting firm who only offers jobs to recent grads who are super smart and stuff. So, they wrote their phone number in a complex mathematical formula that job seekers had to solve before they could even call the firm. I imagine "sorry, you must have the wrong number" would start to feel more like "sorry, you must have crap for brains." The problem is x=24, y=30 Phone:=01.(y²-x).(y²-10²)x10 Let me know if any of you solve it.

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The true meaning of Christmas

Every year companies seem to have increasing fears of offending customers buy using the word "Christmas" in their advertising or in-store displays. So, now days we are told where we can buy the hottests gifts "This Holiday Season." And "Happy Holidays!" has become the catch umbrella phrase that basically covers Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Festivus, making sure not leave out any other obscure religious related celebrations.

But Virgin Mobile, instead of trying not to offend anyone this "Holiday Season," decided to just offend everyone. Thus the birth of Chrisma-hanukwan-zakah. Check out the site here and learn a few classic Chrismahanukwanzaka carols.

A Ban on Hand Guns

Thanks to one Will Cote for pointing me to this wonderful spot in the new X Box 360 “Jump In” campaign. Apparently, like a lot of great work, this spot has been banned for violence, and will not ever see the light of the television screen. As a result, it will probably get played by ten times as many people online. Watch it here.

The spots in the campaign that will make it on TV are "Jump Rope” and “Water Balloon,” neither of which are half as good as the one that’s been banned.

I don’t mean to point any fingers (oh - that was rich), but some are calling fowl on Xbox, claiming that the “Finger Gun” commercial was ripped off from this student film that was circulating online last year - seen here. As I have said before – coincidences happen all the time in advertising. What do you think? Regardless, it’s still a great ad. I have no problem with borrowing ideas as long as it’s either obvious what you are borrowing from or you give credit where credit is due.

PSP hits the streets

Everyone seems to be talking all about this PSP graffiti campaign (You can see the full set of images here at Flickr)

But no one is really saying much about this PSP commercial (apparently a part of the same campaing), but I think it's hilarious. I can't explain why, but watch it here. Is it just me? via adrants

A history of cinema

Virgin Digital's "exercise your music muscle" spot has been all the rage the past few weeks, but this Motorola commercial "Grand Classics" has been around longer (a few months) and is arguably better. The spot seamlessly takes you through the evolution of animation and the history of film in a minute in a half, referencing more than a dozen classic, yet not completely expected, movies. (Be patient with the download. It takes a while)

The spot was directed/animated by by Smith & Foulkes (the same folks that brought us Honda "Grrr" and this VW Touareg spot) I would argue this Motorola spot has more depth to it than Virgin Digital's and the animation transitions are more impressive. However, the Virgin Digital commercial asks more from its viewer. It has more to discover, and interacts more with the audience, and thus, in the end, is simply more fun.