One Handed

Exaggerating the effects of a product (even the negative effects) is what most creatives seem to like to do these days (they've been doing it for decades). I for one am beginning to become bored with this type of creative work (because it feels easy), but I thought these were well executed, quick, and pretty funny. Despite the fact that most people talk hands-free these days. But that's not the point. In Chicago it's illegal to drive without a hands-free device.

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Advertising Kills

This is hilarious. An ad for Funeral Services.

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Kid Hero

Copy: The super energy drink for every kid.

While I sincerely doubt that children have any need for an energy drink, I do like the thought behind this campaign. Plus, I just really liked He-Man as a kid. But have you ever stopped to think about how ridiculous the name He-Man is. Would his wife's name be She-Woman?

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Behind Bars

Copy: Stop the Wildlife Trade

Really smart work done by Springer and Jacoby.
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Wonderful Wonderbra

Here's some really nice work for Wonderbra. It's exciting to see how print is becoming more interactive. Advertisers are always pushing the boundaries a little bit further as to what can be done in each ad medium.

There is nothing ground breaking about this ad - I just liked how simple it is - and it's funny.

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Lego Building Blocks

An absolutely beautiful outdoor ad. I really wish I could have seen this in person. These freight cars were converted into lego building blocks and placed on construction sites. The idea won Eurobest Silver 2005. It was done by Advance, Copenhagen.

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Talk Talk

Here's a wonderfully imaginative commercial for a telephone company - Talk Talk. But notice how there is nothing interesting about what they are saying. It's the most basic, typical voice over read we hear all the time. But that's what I love about this spot. The creative team managed to take something boring and communicate it in a way that captures your complete attention. Some might call this a purely executional spot - I call it a job well done. Created by Clemmow Hornby Inge.

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Pressure wash your teeth

These outdoor ads really caught my attention. They're for a toothpaste called theramed. A nice idea, however, the tag line - Better- is somewhat puzzling. It feels like forced simplicity. I am all for simplicity as long as it's smart. Again though, very arresting visually.

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The Detangler

I haven't seen this idea before. Smart. This guerilla effort for Rejoice Conditioner was created by Leo Burnett, Bangkok.

Translation: Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner.

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Super Glue makes for bad darts

Copy: Instant

I thought my dart playing friends could apreciate this ad for a super glue. The throw, however, is a bad one - not even close to anything (assuming they were playing cricket - which they were).

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Nothing New

I posted a few days ago about the new Ikea Winter Sale ad that I liked, only to find these two automobile ads with the exact same idea. I really don't think any one has ripped any one off in this case. You have to understand, advertising creatives have too much pride to flat out steal (although I am sure it has happened). Everyone is trying to be original. It's just every thing has been done. These are just further examples of how people come up with the same good idea at different times in different places, with no connection to each other. I will say, however, the Ikea spot executes the idea better.

Toyota - "The purse"
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Volkswagen TV AD
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Copy: Wildlife is disappearing

Thank God for CGI - right?
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Absolute About Time

I've been saying for some time that Absolute needs to move on. Yes, they had a great campaign. It was simple, smart and effective. But after 25 years and after 1,500 variations of the same idea, it was time to let the thought rest in peace. So here we have our first glimpse of the Absolute Makeover, done by TBWA/Chiat/Day in New York. The new campaign will also include TV, which is an Absolute first. Absolute is hoping the campaign will help them stand out again in a cluttered vodka market. I think it's going to make a big difference.

The new campaign not only gives the idea much more depth and room to play but it also has the ability to create a stronger connection with the target audience. For instance, one of the new ads shows a scene from Office Space with the text "The Absolute Case of the Mondays." The campaign is moving away from cute visual puns and attempting to actually make a statement about people, places and our society. I am all for the change, but it's too early to be absolutely sure how it will go over. You can see one of the TV spots here (search "ads")

Click here for a gallery of old Absolute ads

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Silence - By Siemens

The thought here is very simple but the photography is amazing.

Copy: The quietest vacuum cleaner in its class. Technopower sound & silence

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A car worth singing about

Lots of buzz about this brand new spot from Wieden +Kennedy London for the new Honda Civic. It's quite incredible. A 60 piece choir makes all the sounds in this 2 minute commercial.

This spot along with three behind the scenes movies have been released in the form of video podcasts. They are available to downloaded from Honda's site and are also available on iTunes. We are going to be seeing more and more commercials being treated as downloadable videos for your entertainment. Enjoy.

Download it in iTunes here

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Copy: Victory Compact Binoculars - See everything 10 times bigger.

I thought these were interesting. Not quite what they meant, but you get the point.

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I forget when and where I first saw this spot for Cup of Noodle. It's one of those commercials that you really like, but aren't quite sure why. A traditional marketing person could argue that there's not much that's working here. The end of the spot asks, "Hungry?" and then answers the question, "Cup of Noodle!" This could have been an ad for almost any food.

But what I get from the spot is that Cup of Noodle is simple (primitave even) and it fills you up when you're hungry. I am also talking about and thinking about Cup of Noodle when I normally would not have, and I imagine you might be doing the same. Perhaps next time I pick up some Ramen Noodles I might get Cup of Noodle instead.

Some products don't need much explanation, they just need to stand out from the crowd and in that light, Cup of Noodle succeeds. Whatch this spot and a bunch more here

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What a Steal.

Here's a funny new commercial announcing Ikea's Winter Sale done by Zig and produced by the folks over a Reginald Pike. I like how the humor in this spot rests in the details. They didn't take the joke over the top. It's just a simple idea executed very precisely, something I wish we saw more of these days.

Watch the spot here

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The King's Queen

Those crazy cats at Crispin Porter + Bogusky are at it again. This time they leaked these paparazzi like photos to a few blogs and celebrity gossip sites of The King while he was out and about with model Brooke Burke . Now these pics are flying around the web. How does this sell Burgers? Who cares - it's hilarious. Great stuff.

Ideas that make an impact

Copy: McCann - You won't be sorry you listened to us.

These self promotion spots for Ad agency McCann Erickson made me laugh. My only criticism is that using Jesus or even Castro for that matter is way overdone. It's a very easy way to create seemingly powerful work. These ads would have been more interesting if they used less expected, yet equally recognizable personalities, like Charlie Chaplin or Einstein. But the lollipop is brilliant.

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The Matchbox Models

It's a beautiful thing when you can use a hot model in your ads and be smart at the same time. These ads are for Cars and Boxes, a website for Matchbox car collectors.

View the rest of these Matchbox ads at Coloribus

Witches love Coke

If the author of this blog were to create a commercial, this is close to how I would imagine it.

Watch it here. Truly a compelling story.
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A million page problem.

Every time I go into Boarders or a Barnes and Nobel I am amazed by the massive volume of books that actually exist (especially new books) - books that I will never read. It's overwhelming, exciting and depressing all at once. I just can't believe there are so many published authors. What I like about this guerilla marketing effort for Don Bosco Anbu Illam, an organization trying to help the street children of Chennai, India, is that it would definitely pull me in. I would see these ginormous books set out on a table and think, "You have to be kidding me - who could ever write such a beast - on street children?" Then I would find the brick inside. It would all suddenly make sense. Now, I might not immediately be compelled to send money, but I at least now know that the problem exists. And raising awareness is always the first important step.

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A Podcast Ad?

Here's a poster I worked on for Eat Feed - a food podcast, which won Podcast of the Year.

This is the only traditional media ad for a podcast that I know of.
Click the poster image to see a close up.

This poster will be going up in culinary schools around the country.

Writers: David Littlejohn and Thomas Kemeny
Design: Justin Goodlett
Photography: Schmagnum Photos

Born to Direct

These ads (from Finland) are announcing the Young Directors Awards for the Commercial Film Producers of Europe. Can you identify these babies? The answers will be in the comments. Great stuff.

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Waka waka waka

Who knew video games could be so heart warming. I love this spot for GameTap because it plays with your imagination. You feel like the kids feel, as some crazy old man makes the simple story of PacMan come to life.

The spot has balls too. They don't actually tell you what GameTap is. And they don't give a web address either. If you're like me, you had to google it to figure out what GameTap has to offer. The thought being, if you're curious you will check it out. If you're not, GameTap isn't for you anyway. Their website claims "GameTap is like having all the greatest game consoles ever wired right into your PC." Basically, you get to play all your favorite old Atari, Nintendo and Arcade games on your PC. Game on.

While we are on the subject, check out this video of the real PacMan - running for his life on a college campus

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Merry New Year

Yes, it feels good to be back on the web after a couple of weeks off, filled with lots of Holiday cheer. I am happy to say Advertising for Peanuts is up and running strong into 2006. And to get things kicked off, I thought I would show you the ads that you couldn't see here in America this past year. Adage posted a top ten list of 2005 ads that, for one reason or another, were banned from the air waves and print. You can see them all here. However, this Fanta Light commercial is my favorite. It's so refreshing to see a company being completely honest about their product, because Fanta Light was just bad.