Adicolor Podcast

Adidas has us talking about adiclor once again. This time - they have launched a video podcast. The first film of seven, titled "White," was created by Tronic and is now available for viewing. Seven different directors were commissioned to create a short film, one for every adicolor color. This first one is quite steamy, so I am sure it will get a lot of downloads. However, I would have liked to see a little less blatant sexuality in what has been a outstanding marketing effort by adidas. Watch it here.


3M Bandages

There is some debate as to whether this work for 3M Bandages is print or Guerilla. I like it as Guerilla, as print it's not as strong. Anyone know?

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Copy: Things Made in China - compressed by STUFFIT DELUX

What She got in the divorce - compressed by STUFFIT DELUX

Savannah St. Clair's Favorite positions - compressed by STUFFIT DELUX

A Japanese tourist's photos of New York - Compressed by STUFFIT DELUX

New work from Saatchi, NY for Stuffit Delux, which is your "complete file compression solution." I would love to take some time with these ads under a magnifying glass. These are a lot of fun and very smart.

Thanks Icaro for sending them in

Jr. Whopper.

I'm not sure if this is real. But I hope it is. Let me know if you find out who did this. Watch here needs to change their media player - sorry it kept turning on automatically, that was annoying

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Copy: Joybook. A star is born.

While I'm not a big fan of the headline, this visual is amazing. It's so simple, yet powerfully communicates the basic message. The campaign is an effort to highlight the mulit-media capabilities of the BenQ Joybook - it's like your own personal theater. While I have seen the "personal theater" concept dozens of times, non have been this elegant.

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Someone spent a lot of time to give these ipod posters in Berlin a face lift - literally. The skulls fit perfectly and the earbuds fit directly in the ear holes. Not sure exactly what the point is, maybe something about ipod zombies. But it seems like all they really did was make something pretty cool even cooler. Maybe apple should create all kinds of different heads that people can place on the posters - that would be fun.

See more images at wooster collective


Creative Brain found these really interesting taxi ads for Zippo. They were done back in 2003 by McCann-Erickson, Singapore. Not only is this attention getting but it is the perfect way to demonstrate the product benefit (wind proof). I just hope nothing caught on fire.

Some commercials blow you away the first time you see them. In the past you might have argued that there was no other way to make a commercial. But in the age of Tivo and online video, commercials can afford to take a little more time to grow on you. This spot for does just that. Like a good Wes Anderson Film, you really need to give this commercial a second or a third viewing. It's subtle, sophisticated, charming and gets funnier with each viewing. And it doesn't hurt that they doubled their indie street cred by using a Postal Service song - "Such Great Heights" as covered by Iron and Wine. Great work done by Fallon UK.

Watch it Here

Parking Ticket?

Chercher le PV
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Traffic cops already get a bad rap as it is. Yes, they might seem heartless at times, but most of them are just doing their job. This spot, however, for seems to go a little too far in its attempt to paint traffic cops as the bad guys. The website helps people fight their parking tickets for a "small fee." They definitely get the point across but at the expense of peoples' livelihood. Just a reminder that smart and on strategy isn't always in good taste.

VW Hell

So much is said with so little. I love it. And even though they didn't say it, you were thinking it - "Drivers Wanted"

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Nike Street Soccer

This guerilla idea is so out there - it's incredible. A giant soccer ball/car gets chased down the streets of Mexico by two enormous shoes (size 540). This is the kind of advertising that goes by and you just stop and stare - dumbfounded. That's what you call good advertising. Wish I could have been there for it. Brilliant (and hilarious) work done by JWT Mexico.

Thanks to Coliribus for the find.

Doing 100-Plus

Great execution in this ad for an energy drink - 100 plus, which gives energy and endurance. Even though I feel like I might have seen something similar before - the picture is perfect, very funny. It completely captures the feeling of being pulled over when you know you've been speeding. Sorry - no details on this one.

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This spot is so incredibly simple. I love how they don't shy away from their competitors' strengths. Instead they acknowledge that Volvos are safe and Mercedes is comfortable etc., but go on to say Audi is all that and much more. Notice they didn't muddy the spot with some pointless music or voiceover either. My only problem is the spot ends with a question, which weakens their point in this case. Just come out and say it.

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T-Mobile People

I don't think they have a name for this type of advertising yet. In a European football match T-Mobile used people dressed in all white to create their logo in the stands. Its'a little weird if you ask me. It looks like one of them is getting up to go to the bathroom - "You're fired!"


VW - Fish

Here's an elegant little spot showcasing fish, which, in case you didn't remember, can help you remember. Fish oil can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease, improves memory, IQ and a plays a key role in brain development. At least that's what I remember. The spot was created by V (DDB Paris). Nice and simple, but sometimes the font is a bit hard to read.

Watch it Here

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The Fake McDonald's

This is a picture of the Fake McDonald's - the McDonald's used in every commercial and movie you see. I had no idea, but apparently this lonely, empty McDonalds is just waiting in the back of an industrial park near La Puente California to be filmed. I also hear they have every single McDonald's uniform in every size from every country in the basement - and all the different furniture too. If you want to stop by next time you are on vacation, this site offers direction. Kids around the world are going to be begging their parents to take them to the McDonald's they saw on TV.

Thanks to Vast and Grand for sending the link

Adidas Street Graffiti

I posted about Adidas Adicolor earlier, but this new street campaign in Germany is amazing. First Adidas put up these blank canvases with their logo, encouraging graffiti artists and people to mess with it.

Then a few days later they came back and placed a second poster over the graffiti so that some of the color and paint showed through.

Not only does this get people to interact with the brand, it also becomes a part of the community, gives ownership up of the ad to the community and it perfectly communicates the Adicolor message. Brilliant work.

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I love how these ads for J H Kim Taekwondo Institute play with their outdoor surroundings. Work like this has a real sense of localness. It's capable of resonating with a community. The experience you have viewing these online is much different than it is for the people who have walked past that crack in the sidewalk and that bending tree for years.

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Spell with Flickr

Someone just made a kidnapper's job a hell of a lot easier. Go check out this fun little web program that uses the letters found at Flickr to write your own messages. Try it Here


Disney invites people to climb up and "Feel like a Kid Again," in this guerrilla campaign for Disney DVD Classic series. I wouldn't mind climbing up for a nap myself. Done by FCB, Sao Paulo. It would be sweet if Disney created an oversized movie theater and all the seats were this big - they could screen all their movies there. And everyone would pay an oversized price. You heard it here first.

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Billboard Waxing

This French billboard for Veet wax bands doesn't really tell me why I should buy this hair removal product, over all the others - but it's definitely attention getting and a wonderful use of the outdoor medium.

Thanks to Vast and Grand for sending the photo.

Photoshopping Reality

While most of the stuff on Advertising for Peanuts is advertising related, I also like to highlight smart thinking and interesting ideas in general. Like this 3-D representation of the Photoshop interface, for example, with hanging dialogue boxes within a lit box - done by

How cool would it be to use this same idea for outdoor advertising. If you suspended the Photoshop dialogue boxes in the sky or in front of a scenic view - it would appear like reality was being photoshopped. You wouldn't need a headline or tag - it's brilliant.

Click the image to see a very cool physical representation of a scroll bar. You can get more info on these images and see others at Information Aesthetics

Heineken on Mars

Video sent by Littlejohn
I had never seen this Dutch commercial for Heineken. It's definitely over the top but still funny and very well executed. Enjoy. Sorry I don't have any more info on the spot.

World Water Day

Apparently today is World Water Day, which is a initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. For World water day, Intermon Oxfam placed giant straws in the the manholes of Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza with the message, "Would you drink from this water? Thousand of people don't have any other choice." See a video and get more info on Intermon Oxfam and their war on water here

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Video sent by ludomass
This commercial for KitKat is too odd not to post. It's almost nonsensical. I would especially enjoy your theories as to how this 15 second spot communicates the line "Have a Break - Have a Kit Kat." What exactly is going on in this commercial?

From Flush to Plush

I look forward to seeing ads for this new product. That's right - New cute and extra cuddly urine and excrement toys, called Pee and Poo. What better way to get in touch with the inner you. These adorable little waste products were created by designer Emma Megitt. The pair originally launched in Sweden and delighted the masses. Finally, we have a toy that everyone can relate to - a toy that crosses all racial and cultural barriers - Pee and Poo. Order yours today

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Mirror Modeling

Interesting - a mirror/product demo ad - for Natan Jewelry Shop, created by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi of Sao Paulo. These transparent stickers were placed on women's bathroom mirrors in all the well-to-do destinations in Sao Paulo: restaurants, hotels, shopping centers etc. The ads also featured the address where you could find the same jewelry you happen to be modeling. File this one under "ads that discriminate against short women."

Thanks to Creative Brain for the find.

Harley Davidson

2nd ad Copy: Individuality expressed with a wrench
It's hard to make out what the first one says

Simple Idea - stunning execution. This campaign promotes custom built Harley's with the line "Build Yours." More outstanding work for the brand by Carmichael Lynch.

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Sony Vaio - Sidewalk Art

This is the most amazing branded sidewalk chalk art I have ever seen. It uses an optical illusion, so that the computer screen actually looks like it is popping up from the ground. Very Cool. Unfortunately I don't know any details on the photo or who did this work for Sony - but you can see several other impressive pieces of sidewalk chalk art here

Update: Billbaordom identifies the artist as Julian Beever. You can see more of his outstanding work here

Teletext Button

An impressive use of animation, using only text, in this spot for a company in the UK called Teletext. With Teletext you can have access to holiday deals, sports scores, entertainment and up-to-date news, with the push of a button - the "Text" button on your remote. Watch it here

Agency - Clemmow Hornby Inge
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Protected Olive Oil

Copy (trans) - Oil has never been protected so well

Here's an interesting idea for a billboard that uses laser beams, simulating a security system. The ad features a new metal (as opposed to glass) packaging for Oliveira DA Serra olive oil. While at night I am sure this is a very attention getting ad, I wonder, what happens to the message during the day, when you can't see the laser beams? A nice thought, regardless. Done by McCann Ericsson.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hope yours is this special. Watch Here

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Lost in Brazil

Desaparecido (trans.) - Missing Person

New campaign in Brazil, which launched March 2nd, promoting the second season of Lost. Postings feature profiles on characters from the hit TV show with info on where they can be found (AXN). Created by the Publicis agency of São Paulo. Postings also appeared in bathrooms and bars.

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Sandwich on Fire

How to turn a boring billboard into a very smart billboard. Unfortunately I don't know the where, when , who of this photo. But I though it was a great idea because it turned this simple, uninteresting billboard into a story - something that you tell your friends about, something people stop and get out of their cars to see. And that's what we call good advertising. I would recommend McDonald's pull this stunt ever time they put a new billboard up for the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It would be huge PR, get a lot of attention and it's actually funny.

Picture sent in by Vast and Grand


Copy: Always Fresh

Here's a good example of a campaign that uses the visual gimmicks (and new technology) that are available to every advertiser, but actually uses the visual trick to make a point. This campaign made good use of a 3-D pop up technique, which I have seen other ads use for the sole purpose of getting peoples' attention. It's great when new print, video and audio techniques become available but it's important that we remember to use them to enhance a concept and not to dress up a boring ad. Nice work.

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Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 7
Video sent by Domi_Nike
If you haven't seen this, it's worth a watch. A teaser commercial for Internet Explorer 7, which first previewed to the public in beta at the end of January. I like the spot, but it's definitely over promising, "Everyday tasks made easy," and is setting everyone up for dissapointment.

Australian Fast Delivery

Nice use of outdoor for the Australia Post as part of a promo tie in with the Commonwealth Games. This idea works even without the tie-in. It very simply communicates a speedy delivery.

Found by this Flickrer


Proof that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Here's an idea, anything that's round, let's attach a giant nipple to it. Brilliant!



Copy: Late is as good as never (FedEx 24 hour express delivery service. Nobody's in a bigger hurry than we are.)

This is a nice thought for a campaign but what I find funny is that there are likely thousands of eBayers who would kill for an original Atari or Simon and they probably receive them through FedEx. While these images are supposed to look ridiculous - they seem pretty realistic to me.