Clever. It really doesn't get much simpler. But I sometimes question this growing trend of creative. Can you be too simple? So many kids coming out of portfolio schools are so eager to kill the headline, kill the tag, kill the logo, kill everything but the concept. The problem though, it seems, is that all you are left with is a visual description of what the product does - nothing more. Get it? Raid Kills Bugs. Oh, is that what Raid does? Yep, just look at the ad - the bug is dead. The problem is, I already knew that Raid Kills Bugs - now tell me why I should buy it. Simple is good - but you still have to say something.

This could have been an ad for any bug repellent. And I wonder, how do you turn this into a campaign? I'm not trying to diss the ad - it's smart. I'm just saying, you have to be more than just a product benefit to people. It's a great idea, I'm just not sure it's a great ad. But I would love to argue about it.

Thanks to Ad Arena for pointing me to this brilliant conversation starter.


Anonymous said...

I totall agree with you... i think a simple line would have made this concept stronger.

by the way the ad is upside down the fly is meant to be on its back to get the idea that its dead...

Littlejohn said...

You might be right. But I was under the assumption that part of what was so clever about this idea was that the reader has to turn the ad upside down for it to make sense. That way the fly goes from being alive to being dead (on its back) – when you use Raid. If I'm wrong - then I like the ad even less.

Tom Tom said...

Great post. Excellent example of what you're saying. It bugs the hell out of me when an ad just shows what the product is. Shit, the label told me it's a bug killer, I didn't need the ad for that.

Anonymous said...

The legs of the fly should be crossed.

Adi said...

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