New Species of Jeep

Advertisers love making stuff look like other stuff. We see it a lot. But these ads, done by BBDO, Detroit, masterfully merge the image of the Jeep with the "new species" concept. In a survival of the fittest sort of way - these rise above the typical stuff looking like other stuff concept and actually work. Notice too the car is not what's important for you to see, it's what's on top of the car.

via A/D Goodness


postmodernism-himself said...

i think i might just buy me one of them

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, until you mentioned about the advertisers focusing on what's on the car 'stead. so it got me wondering where you were coming from... i think its genius tho'. but thanks for making me think, which is what counts

Littlejohn said...

I was just pointing out that these ads are more about a lifestyle of outdoor adventure rather than the design and features of the car. The jeep brand and outdoor living go hand-in-hand so it works well with the "new species" concept. When you buy a jeep you are really buying the experience jeep promises. The car is almost secondary. This ad promises discovery.

Anonymous said...

i didn't even catch that, dude, you rock.

new species...dayuuuum

Anonymous said...

The car isn't ALMOST secondary, it IS secondary. Lifetstyle branding. Companies don't make products, they make ways of life. For instance, Nike doesn't sell shoes, they sell "sports."

Anonymous said...

The car isn't ALMOST secondary, it IS secondary. Lifetstyle branding. Companies don't make products, they make ways of life. For instance, Nike doesn't sell shoes, they sell "sports."

Anonymous said...

too repetetive, no? The copy doesn't even change.. for me, labeling these all as the same species is just laziness and a missed opportunity to be creative with this. Also, a bit of a detail, but the shadows on the pins are going in the wrong direction, picky? yeah, maybe, but the details are where OK becomes good and good becomes great and this just falls short for me.

Littlejohn said...

Good point, too often we see wasted opportunity which really is just laziness. However, these all feature different outdoor activities - and they are all very well done. They are different enough, for me, yet similar enough to be a campaign. Keep in mind too, you don't see much copy next to bugs in glass cases. It's good they kept it simple. And I'm just saying these "rise above" the typical stuff-looking-like-other-stuff concept. As always, I appreciate the comments.

Krazymoon said...

I own a wrangler with 35" tires, lifted and I offroad it. I'm here to tell you... it isn't about the vehicle, it's about where it can take you. Mentally as well as physically.

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