Nike Goes Back to the Future

Very few brands are lucky enough to have fanatics like Al Cabino - the self dubbed international famous sneakerographer. Cabino started the first and only international sneaker petition. His mission: convince Nike to produce the light-up, auto-lacing shoes Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part II. For Cabino and other sneaker freaks, "The McFlys are the Holy Grail of movie sneakers. The McFlys were created just for the film, they were never worn beyond the silver screen." Cabino has already racked up an impressive 8,000 signatures and plans on personally delivering the petition to Nike. Read more here

If Nike plays their cards right, this could turn into a PR gold mine. To sign the petition, so you can get your very own pair of McFlys - click here


rob said...

Sneaker activism at its best!

postmodernism-himself said...

i really dont care about the sneakers. all i want is a hoverdoard. i feel jipped that i have not seen some kind of working prototype.

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