National Park Reconstruction Plans

Copy: Arches National Park -It's not like we can make new ones

Copy: Giant Sequoia -It's not like we can make new ones

Copy: Yosemite Falls -It's not like we can make new ones

Here's a superb campaign in support of preserving America's National Parks - done by Y&R. Creating blueprints and reconstruction plans for things of nature is ridiculous, but the scary part is, it doesn't seem that far off into the future. These ads have a dooms day feel that appeals to reason rather than preaching at you or trying to get you to cry about the rain forests. It's smart work and it's well designed. You can download PDFs of the ads here.

Thanks to mark for tipping me to these.

The New Sprite

New work for Sprite done by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It hinges on the idea of subLYMONal advertising, a cross between lime and lemon. And the spots contain hidden, Fight Club-esque, flashing images that will have people hitting their rewind buttons on the DVRs - like we did with FCB's KFC spot. Watch for the yellow frog on the guys stomach in the spa spot. You can also check out the website Crispin did, which is pretty intense. So far the work has intrigued me and I will look forward to seeing how the campaign unfolds.

Becker Paint

Copy: Time to make a Change. Paint that makes a difference.

I find these ads for Becker Paint absolutely fascinating. The only reason they are interesting and funny or good is because it's advertising that is telling the truth, which is so rare that it makes the ads laughable - makes them dramatically stands out. Each print ad shows the same crappy situation, guy with no girl, guy who's business is tanking etc. When Becker Paint is applied to the situation, nothing changes, their life is still crappy but they are slightly happier about it because the color is better. Huge kudos to Becker (out of Sweden) for just telling it like it is. "Our paint won't change your life in any way - but you might smile more." It says a lot about this industry that an ad that simply tells the truth is so different and so "fresh" that it qualifies as amazing work - which it is. I think consumers these days are craving honesty from brands. Imagine a world where more brands shot it to us straight. The sad thing is, I can't.

Agency: nord.akestam.holst


Adidas Bridge

As part of the "Impossible Team" theme for 2006 World Cup, Adidas placed this massive billboard over a bridge construction site in Berlin on the way to the munich airport, featuring a monster dive by the German goalkeeper, Oliver Kahn. This is an example of advertising that becomes more than a message - it's an experience.

Update: Agency TBWA


Comedy Film Festival

Copy: Comedy Makes Everything Better - the world of comedy film festival

I especially like the first of these two. Very funny work by Ogilvy.

via Coolz0r


Lego continues to impress me with their outdoor work. This picture shows a giant Lego building block suspended by a crane in Santiago Chile. Check out another great example of the lego blocks used at a construction site here. Both these ads, or outdoor pieces as they could be called, inspire imagination and remind both kids and adults to dream big. Excellent work by FCB Chile.

via billboardom

VW Flower Petals

Loose Translation: New Convertible-Cabriolet. Rediscover your senses.

So I'm back from vacation and trying to catch up to the blog world. One thing I wanted to show you from my trip was this interesting VW ad that was getting a lot of attention in the Niece Airport. The pictures really don't do the billboard justice. Inside the billboard, colorful flower petals were continually being blown up into the air, between the panes of glass. Almost everyone who passed the billboard either stopped and smiled or pointed it out to their group - true marks of effective advertising. I don't know which agency was responsible for this wonderful little idea, but spotting it was the perfect end to a wonderful trip.

U.K. Burger King

And the strangeness continues for Burger King with this new spot from the U.K. done by Crispin Porter, which features two British guys in the bathroom, one of them in the bathtub shaving his nipples. Makes you wonder, are they really trying to see how far is too far or are the Brits just weirder than we thought they were? Judge for yourself and watch it here .



I'm fairly certain I've seen a similar concept before, but the execution on this print ad for Pantene really blew me away. The art direction is truly stunning. The hair actualy looks like it's coming off the page. Beautiful work by Grey Worldwide, Melbourne. I had to point it out.


Amp'd Mobile

You know those strange thoughts you have when you're alone and bored. Well, Advergirl points us to this commercial for Amp'd Mobile, which shows what it would be like if you could live out those inner, random, fantasies of the id. The results are, as expected, quite amusing. Hilarious work by Taxi. Watch the spot here.

Guided Tours

Copy: Our guides help you think

These print ads, for a Brazilian guided tour service, promise thinking and reflection, which is becoming increasingly rare in our pop driven culture. I wish more advertising promoted intelligence and education as opposed to sex and cheap thrills - maybe I'm in the wrong industry. These are simple and clever ads. They make me want to know what the people are looking at and they make me want to do some thinking of my own. It would have been nice, however, to see a few different thinking poses. Let me know if you know the agency.

Thanks Fabio for sending these my way

Hair Removal

Copy: unexpectedly Smooth Legs - Able Touch hair removal wax

Highlighting the negative side effects of a product in order to point out the positive usually results in interesting work. In this case, Able Touch hair removal wax makes your legs so smooth it could kill you. It's a simple and bold direction for creative, but on the flip side usually says little about the brand. I thought this was worth pointing out, although the anal copywriter in me feels the headline is a bit awkward. Your thoughts? Don't know the agency.

Thanks Laura for passing these along

Chocolate Billboard

I was hoping this was possibly the world's first chocolate billboard, and it was being destroyed by ravenous chocolate lovers. But unfortunately the dream is still just that. This is an artificial chocolate billboard featuring artificial chocolate lovers - in Canada for Cadbury. Very attention getting, but there's something about a huge dripping, melting billboard that has my mouth watering - which this execution just can't satisfy. Interesting to say the least.


Harley Women

Copy: Bikes for Women

I had not seen this print piece for Harley-Davidson before. The image is perfect. I always love work that can powerfully communicate the key message while never showing the product. I assume this was done by Carmichael Lynch


Blog on Vacation

Here's the view from my room. I'm taking a much needed vacation and have escaped to a small village in the South of France. Internet access is limited and let's just say I didn't come here to blog, so please excuse a lack of posting this week. I'll be back in full force next week. If you haven't, now would be a good time to subscribe to my RSS feed. There are a lot of great blog aggregators that make it easy to see when your favorite blogs have updated - I've been using bloglines. Beware - it's a little addictive. There might be a post or two, but don't expect anything. Come back next week for more daily advertising, ideas, and creativity on display.

Dreams of Flying

Of course, I don't consider myself an expert on photography, but I was struck by this imaginative series of photos done by Jan Von Holleben. This is one of those examples of creativity you should clip and tuck away in your idea drawer (you do have an idea drawer - right?). These photos really capture the feeling of what it's like to be a kid.


Seat with DVD

Here's a striking print piece announcing that the new Seat Alhambra comes with a DVD system. Done by Atletico International. It's a good example of how sometimes being subtle is the best way to make powerful work. It's one of three - but this one's my favorite.

Thanks to Aleix for sending

Durex Dickorations

I usually don't highlight advertising work for condoms because sex is already too easy to sell, but the new Durex Dickorations site is hilarious - dare I say genius. As President and Chief Stylist for Durex states: "Our [mission] is to be known worldwide for pimping our customers' junk in the perfect attire for any occasion." Go to and get your manhood dressed to impress. Sorry you can't join in the fun ladies - but I'm sure you can make some cute finger puppets or something.

Outstanding work by the online team at Fitzgerald + Co.
Warning for Men: Costumes are one-size-fits-all


Here's a strange little viral spot for the new Dodge Caliber - by BBDO. I would have liked to see a bolder pay off. It has that made-by-high-school-kids feel, which is fun, but it still feels a bit safe for a viral video.

Climbing Wall

So simple. So Clean. It seems both of these ads for Casa de Pedra
mountain climbing and fitness were designed specifically for each location. Wonderful attention to detail. Another example of work I wish I could have seen in person. Done by Ogilvy, Brasil. (Short list Cannes 2005)



So often, clients want their ad agency to cram several messages into one spot - like, "we want to highlight all the car's features but also drive home the point that we're a very 'people-focused' company." They want it all. This usually results in a crappy commercial. But my hat's off to the creative team that came up with this inspired solution. They hit that sweet spot, when both the creative team and client are happy. It's well executed and tells the complete story Toyota wants you to know. Wish I knew the agency.

Update Agency: Hakuhodo, Tokyo

Worst Job Ever

Copy: Life's too short for the wrong job -

Smart idea, and quite funny. If they could execute this same thought with projected video - it would be incredible. It would have to be set up with video loop and sensor so that when no one was using the machine, the people inside looked bored, just sitting there (maybe reading a book). But when someone puts money into the machine they would start making the coffee or dispensing the cash. The crowds would love it. Fantastic work by Scholz & Friends, Berlin.

via A/D goodness

Gas Country

So the rule goes - no religion or politics in the bars. But bloggers seem to love discussing both topics, sometimes both at the same time. Does that mean a blog is the polar opposite of a bar...I digress. All politics aside, here's a simple and powerful ad created for Aktion Mensch, "a German organization for solidarity, social justice and community building." They are obviously making reference to the "real" reason the U.S. is at war. This print piece won silver at last year's Epica Awards. From a creative stand point - I like it. Done by LOWE GGK, Vienna. But please, there are plenty of other blogs to go discuss politics. Bar rules still apply while you are visiting this blog.

via Houtlust


If you haven't seen the work of Han Hoogerbrugge, he has created some of the coolest, most imaginative sites on the web. Hoogerbrugge creates short interactive animations that are both twisted and beautiful. You could play around for hours with a couple hundred of his animations in a new online installment called Modern Living/Neurotica Series

Hoogerbrugge uses rotoscoping to create his characters, which means he films them and then retraces the video stills by hand and then scans them into flash. He also creates all the music. You should also check out some of his older work Spin, and Hotel - very cool stuff.

You can learn more about Hoogerbrugge and see all his work at his site

New History of the World

I love this work for the "New History of the World." The art direction is outstanding. And the juxtaposition of the two historic events, which occurred at the same time at different parts of the globe, is quite entertaining. A concept like this is so strong and so simple that it could have unlimited executions and still remain highly engaging. And on top of all that - you actually learn something from an ad. Imagine that. I especially like the Newton and the Ninja. Superb work by Leo Burnett, Lima.

Translation: 1815: Napoleon falls in waterloo and Niepce Toma takes the first photograph. They shared the moment now They share the same page.

1789: Luis XVI Dies in the guillotine and Washington is chosen President. They shared the moment now They share the same page.

1668: Newton invents the telescope and the Ninjas appear in Japan.

1502: The Spanish Inquisition begins and Leonardo Da Vinci studies the anatomy.


Weru Windows

Weru - Sound Proof Windows

I've seen concepts similar to this one, but the execution on these print ads is sure to generate smiles - the marching band is priceless. I might just be really digging this work because this blasted twirpy bird, outside my bedroom window, is beginning to drive me crazy, waking me up at 5 every morning. So, Sound Proof Windows sound like heaven right now. But even so - the work is simple, funny, and makes the product the hero. All birds aside - great work by Scholz & Friends, Berlin.


Torture Museum

These ads for the Torture Museum in Prague are a nice teaser to the real stories of blood and gore that its exhibits recount. These over-the-top descriptions of punishment for such minor offenses are quite humorous in a twistedly playful way. The only sad part is that the methods of torture described here are actually true. Those with sturdy stomachs should stop in the little museum next time you are visiting Prague - it's gruesomely educational.


Aristoc Tights

This spot is a few years old (2001) but it's still one of my favorites. I know a lot of you ad cats have already seen it, but for those of you who haven't - it's a treat. Very funny idea and beautifully executed. Watch it twice (sound on). Superb work by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, London.

Donate Eyes

You need to click on these ads to really get what's going on. All images have been replaced by words on a black canvas. Unfortunately these ads for Eye Donation just don't have quite the same affect online as they would in print. What I love about this work is that it pulls you in, compelling you to spend time with it. They also get your imagination working and you begin seeing the scenes in your mind. These ads really give you a sense of how huge a loss the blind have suffered. Great work - done by Contract, New Delhi


Van Gogh Museum


Copy: Donate Eyes call (phone number)