Becker Paint

Copy: Time to make a Change. Paint that makes a difference.

I find these ads for Becker Paint absolutely fascinating. The only reason they are interesting and funny or good is because it's advertising that is telling the truth, which is so rare that it makes the ads laughable - makes them dramatically stands out. Each print ad shows the same crappy situation, guy with no girl, guy who's business is tanking etc. When Becker Paint is applied to the situation, nothing changes, their life is still crappy but they are slightly happier about it because the color is better. Huge kudos to Becker (out of Sweden) for just telling it like it is. "Our paint won't change your life in any way - but you might smile more." It says a lot about this industry that an ad that simply tells the truth is so different and so "fresh" that it qualifies as amazing work - which it is. I think consumers these days are craving honesty from brands. Imagine a world where more brands shot it to us straight. The sad thing is, I can't.

Agency: nord.akestam.holst



deep|ed said...

åkestam.holst is the proper name of the agency who is one of the most creative in Sweden if you ask me.

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