Black - Adicolor

The seventh and final Adicolor Podcast has been released, and thankfully they saved the worst for last. Black is disturbing, strange and seemingly pointless - in a bad way. Beginning with the cliched "Once you go black, you never go back," Black slides downhill from there into a game of Russian roulette with a drunk panda vs. Fish, then nose dives into a music ensemble routine. Black looks cool and is very stylized in black and white, stop motion animation, but it ends there. Disappointing, to say the least, and that's coming from someone who's usually pretty nice to creative work. But when a client gives you complete creative freedom - you should take advantage of it. Another wasted opportunity. Watch it or don't here

You can watch all the Adicolor Podcasts here



Anonymous said...

disagree totally.
think black is bloody amazing. really extraordinary. congratulations to a brave client, a visionary agency and a fabulous director. and, no, i'm not affiliated with anyone involved in the project.

Anonymous said...

Me too - I thought it was incredible. The spots went from lame to awesome in my opinion - best for last.

Littlejohn said...

First of all - I have always praised the client for the getting on board with the whole Adicolor campaign, which has been amazing. And I have to give Adidas props for giving the directors so much freedom in this series of Podcasts. But I'm sorry - Black, while being well executed, is hard to get through, it's slow and it feels like a college art project. It's edgy for the sake of being edgy and it feels completely self indulgent. I really wish I could agree with both of you. But Black is most definitely the dark spot in the Adicolor Podcast Series.

Anonymous said...

Who made it? You all praise the director, without saying who he or she is.

Littlejohn said...

Saiman Chow

cill wote said...

i agree with littlejohn, but i couldn't watch anymore after 3/4 the way through. i'm assuming it says "fin" at the end, right? it really get my goat when people just put the most random stuff they can think of in a picture or "indie" movie, and call it art. i can just imagine the dorks sitting around thinking this thing up. "dude, that's not random enough. we need to think OUTSIDE the box. what about a panda and a fish playing russian roulet?! now that's art!"

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