Guided Tours

Copy: Our guides help you think

These print ads, for a Brazilian guided tour service, promise thinking and reflection, which is becoming increasingly rare in our pop driven culture. I wish more advertising promoted intelligence and education as opposed to sex and cheap thrills - maybe I'm in the wrong industry. These are simple and clever ads. They make me want to know what the people are looking at and they make me want to do some thinking of my own. It would have been nice, however, to see a few different thinking poses. Let me know if you know the agency.

Thanks Fabio for sending these my way


Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem like the hands in these shots belong to someone other than the person pictured?

Not sure what the message is there.

Jose Carlos Fonseca said...

this is not new. My ads for the Portuguese Association for Victim Support won a few prizes worlwide... please, check the dates of entries at

Art Director - JWT

Anonymous said...

postmodernism-himself said...

anonymous. that is the point of the ads. that is the hand of the guide. they are doing more then adding provocative insight about a subject. they are actually physically helping you think.

Bruce said...

I love it! Nice pictures... And I dont think it is the same idea, Zeca. Maybe the same tech, or photo, but totally different concept...

Noblesse Oblige said...

I think this is better than the Portugese Association because the woman is pouting her lips and the one male finger touching it gently...that picture doesn't scream harassment to me.

As for this campaign, it's a nice thought isn't it the same idea repeated thrice. I agree with LJ that they should have aleast had different thinking poses.

Anonymous said...

you only copy + paste from what is good... :)

Anonymous said...

the agency that did it is DM9DDB from sao paulo, brazil

Milo said...

Oooo, Oooo, lemme play the role of the Seth Goodin neophyte! They always have something like this to say, "Yes! But how does this purple cow idea relate to permission marketing?"


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Doesn't it seem like the hands in these shots belong to someone other than the person pictured?

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Jerry Gene said...

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