AL Gore and Bender

I saw Al Gore's An inconvenient Truth last weekend and would recommend it to anyone living on this planet. It's the most frightening Power Point presentation I have ever seen (in a good way), not to mention the most interesting. This video is the latest piece in the marketing drive from Paramount to promote the film (unfortunately Bender does not make an appearance in the movie.) It's nice to see Al making fun of himself; the movie has the same sort of dry humor peppered throughout. But seriously, regardless of your political point of view, go see this movie.

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Red Bull Puzzle

Copy: Bring it On

This is a brilliant use of the often mind numbing direct marketing medium. A can of Red Bull was delivered in a box that contained a thousand piece, completely white puzzle. It doesn't matter that most people will never attempt the puzzle, it's the idea, which is communicated both physically and powerfully, that counts - Red Bull can help you accomplish any thing. Great work by 10 AM Communications, Singapore.

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Air Born Ads

A new medium - airplane tray tables. A Brazilian computer maker used this innovative approach to get their product in front of business travlers. Smart thinking by DPZ, Brazil.

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Stubbs the Zombie

Copy: Limbs will be lost

These billboards for the new video game Stubbs the Zombie were designed with self-mutilation in mind. It's a nice way of tying in the zombie flesh eating theme into static images. Scary work by Colenso BBDO Auckland.


Goal T-shirt

A clever new shirt design that helps soccer fanatics better express themselves while experiencing World Cup GOOOOAAAAALLLLL pandemonium. Order it here



Copy: Now in Duck, Rabbit and Game Flavors

Simple, funny and on strategy. Great print piece for Whiskas.



It's amazing what guys can do when they devote themselves to completely wasting their time. I thought this commercial was not only an impressive display of pointless skill, but also a refreshing departure from the overtly sexual themes we usually see from the brand. I don't want to spoil it for you. WATCH IT HERE Agency: Lowe Bull, South Africa

And check out the print ads in the campaign here

Before and After

New work by Fauxreel, a contemporary artist, in which he transforms a wonderful Stella billboard into a nightmare ad for Shell. This piece was in Toronto, Canada and had a lifespan of 43 hours. Which I am sure was 43 hours too long for Shell. It's an interesting use of Ad space, but out of all the horrible billboard ads out there, he just had to cover up a good one.


Forest Conservation

Look closely. Simple. Clean. Beautiful work by SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Auckland.


Bayer Kids' Pain Reliever

Copy: The Analgesic for Children's Headaches

I know - two campaigns for kids' products in one day. But these are hilarious. Imagining kids in these very adult, headache-causing situations is not only funny it's jarring - in a good way. This campaign just took home a Bronze Lion for press. There's something about mixing the innocence of youth with the jadedness of adulthood that always feels wrong and tickles the funny bone. (Did I just use the word tickles?) Agency Y&R of Buenos Aires.


Cigarette Art

The Cancer Society of Finland created these sidewalk billboards, which are filled with real cigarettes, forming the deathly images you see. Huge stopping power. Wish I could see them in person. Powerful work by Bob, Helsinki.

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Kids National Geographic

Copy: Help them learn the easy way.

Alternate Headline: "Kids are stupid. Help them before they die."
No, No, kids aren't stupid - they just don't know any better. My favorite one of these three is the girl with the cymbals, because the idea that sound waves can cause an avalanche is something they probably don't know. But the other two are a bit more far fetched. And they're not as brainy. If your kid thinks it's a good idea to tie himself to a rocket - he needs a lot more help than a magazine can offer. Overall though, I like the thinking here - they're funny. Nice work from FOX P2, Cape Town.


Colun Butter

Copy: New soft spreadable butter.

This print piece is so simple, but it also clearly and cleverly explains the product benefit. I've seen "cut-out" ideas before, but this one ties it back to the product benefit better than any I've seen. I like it. Done by PROLAM Y&R, Santiago

Crash your Jetta

VW has a new website that continues the safety theme from their very powerful crash commercials. The site lets you design your own car and then smash it into stuff ranging from rhinos to UFOs to giant lizards. It's entertaining, funny and at the same time shows off the car's impressive safety features. I absolutely love how they turned the smashed car into the "beauty shot," as a celebration of safety. More smart online work from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Check out the site here


Papa John's

This very original, peep hole advertisement for Papa John's just took gold in the Lions Direct category at Cannes. Smart idea in what is usually a very creatively dry category. Done by Saatchi & Saatchi, Peru.


The Luck of the Irish

Copy: Smitchwick's is bringing the luck of the Irish to NYC.

Great use of outdoor. I love when advertising becomes bigger than a message and actually impacts its physical reality. This luck filled Beer Billboard took bronze in Cannes Lions this year.


Smoking is Evil

Copy: Cancer Patients Aid Association click image to enlarge

I'm usually not a big fan of using icons of evil like Hitler or Stalin in ads, because it's easy and it's been done way too much. But these ads for Cancer Patients Aid Association make a simple and powerful connection between the deaths caused by history's murderous dictators and deaths caused by tobacco. Their point being - tobacco has killed far more than Hitler. The images are haunting and the art direction elegant. Nice work by Leo Burnett, Milan.


Maharashtra Tourism

Copy: Fortunately it's much easier to get inside now

Here's a fun peak into history. It seems the creative team Sukesh Kumar Nayak (copywriter) and Manan Mistry (art director) found that single most interesting part of the product that would hook people in (how well the castle was guarded) - and then they ran with it. Most clients has overlooked some small but fascinating part of their product. Creatives are in the business of finding it and exploiting it. Great work.

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Leo Burnett

Copy: Name These Influential Figures

That's the Power of Good Branding

Answer Key:
Louis Pasteur - Widely considered the father of modern immunology.
Johan Gutenberg - Invented the printing press, which sparked the industrial revolution. Tony the Tiger - Invented by Leo Burnett. But you already knew that.

Nice self promo piece by Leo Burnett, Toronto. Their point is a good one but it's also a sad one - marketing is more exciting and interesting than history. Makes you wonder, if advertisers were history teachers, how the world would be different? Remember Schoolhouse Rock? They made learning fun. Those infectious songs about numbers, letters and historical figures were written by, yes that's right, Ad guys. I'm not saying we should put ads in our text books but maybe teachers should take some lessons from advertisers on how to make learning fun again.


Digital Artist

Mona Lisa

Da Vinci

Van Gogh

Copy: Digital Artists Online Community -

These are absolutely incredible. The whole ad is composed of numbers, letters and symbols found on the computer keyboard - beautifully rendering masterpiece works of art. I can't imagine a more simple and elegant way to talk to digital artists. And I love how the copy blends in, running out at the tail end of the artwrorks. Brilliant work - stunning execution - done by AMO Communications, Mumbai.


Drip Face

I had never seen this one. The product is Laneige Water Manger Emulsion, which is a concentrated supply of moisture that helps hydrate and moisturizer dry skin. To communicate the product benefits, BBDO Korea created a ceiling billboard, featuring a woman's face, which collected water droplets that would drip into a bucket below. Quite an involved advertisement and definitely attention getting. But, it seems a bit odd for this woman's face to be dripping water (who wants a drippy face). I think the messaging would have been more clear if the water was dripping down onto the face below. Regardless of my puny opinion it took gold for billboards in 2003 Times Asian Pacific

Sports Illustrated

Not quite as impressive as the Adidas Fresco, but Sports Illustrated apparently had their own version of the Sistine Chapel of sports, in the form of a fold out spread, for their Fiftieth Anniversary issue. This only further cements the truth that for many men, sports is their only religion. It's hard to see all the details, but I'm sure there are lots of historic sports moments and figures depicted as well as a ton of fun, insider references to keep sports nuts chuckling for at least three minutes. I can't tell, but is that The Babe playing the part of Adam - being touched by the hand of God in the center?

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New Beetle

Copy: The new Beetle. Fun on the outside, serious underneath.

This campaign for VW is so simple, so fun and completely on strategy. This is the kind of work I would put on my wall in a frame if I were an ad geek (which I guess I am). It's closer to pop art than advertising. I love the clash of images and what it says about the car. Great work.


RockAxis Magazine

Copy:Long Live Rock & Roll

These print ads for Rockaxis Magazine are hard to comment on. They're eerie, sad, and glorious all at once. They're bold to say the least. For music fans, these images are their dreams come true, bringing life back into the dead. They makes you wonder what Jimi Hendrix would have been like as a Grandfather. But in the same moment they remind us how sad it is that we will never know. In the end, these images tell us that these late greats have grown up, aged and still live - through their music. It's rare that advertising stirs up such strong emotions and for that alone they're worth mentioning. However, some might feel like some kind of line has been crossed. What do you think? Agency Unknown

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Amazing art direction on these print ads for Sardimar, a canned tuna and sardine company in Latin America. You can tell they're trying to reverse the way consumers think about canned sea food. This execution does a good job of making the canned product seem fresh, and alive - closely tying the real fish to the cans. I think it works. Great stuff by Jotabequ Grey, San Jose.

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Bug Bomb

Copy: The last thing a mosquito ever sees.

Copy: The last thing a fly ever sees.

Copy: The last thing a spider ever sees.

This Campaign for Bug Bomb took home Gold for Print in the 2003 Times Asia-Pacific Advertising Award. It was done by Grey Worldwide, New Zealand. The bug eyes give the ad a really cool texture and I like how the product gets distorted but you can still recognize it. It's a cool perspective to see the world from - even if you happen to be dying.