RockAxis Magazine

Copy:Long Live Rock & Roll

These print ads for Rockaxis Magazine are hard to comment on. They're eerie, sad, and glorious all at once. They're bold to say the least. For music fans, these images are their dreams come true, bringing life back into the dead. They makes you wonder what Jimi Hendrix would have been like as a Grandfather. But in the same moment they remind us how sad it is that we will never know. In the end, these images tell us that these late greats have grown up, aged and still live - through their music. It's rare that advertising stirs up such strong emotions and for that alone they're worth mentioning. However, some might feel like some kind of line has been crossed. What do you think? Agency Unknown

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Tom Dougherty said...

It's funny, but while I'm usually not bothered by the legal use of a dead celebrity in advertising seeing Lennon among these faces is a little off putting. Maybe because he's a Beatle, maybe because he didn't die as a result of his own excess, but rather as a result of this exact kind of obsession with celebrity. The other two basically died of "rock and roll disease", and they feel like fair game to me.

These are haunting images.

Make the logo bigger said...

I think the ads do a good job on the aging look, but it feels like the concept is not stretched far enough.

We have aging rock stars already in the form of Paul McCartney and Mick Jaggar that we see currently in real life and don't have to imagine what they would look like.

Now maybe if they stretched the timeframe out so you can imagine what Marilyn Manson or someone else from today would be doing in 50 years...

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