American Apparel in Second Life

In virtual news, American Apparel has opened a store in Second Life. Those of you who don't have enough time for your first life and have never heard of Second Life, it's a 3-D, online virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents (population 350,000). In the Second Life AA store you can walk around and try on or buy clothes for your Avatar (for about $1). Or you can have your Avatar purchase clothes for the real you. I believe this is the first major clothing store to have a serious brand presence in this made up world. It might sound crazy, but it's incredibly smart. The virtual land is cheap to buy, instead of a construction crew you hire one programmer, you get huge brand presence in an untapped market and you can make money selling clothes that don't exist. The store is good marketing but I think it makes an even better ad.

via MIT adverlab


Slinky Redfoot said...

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