Backwards Technology

The technology race is one of size and speed - we want everything small and fast. Or do we? New media designer Nicolas Roope has invented the retro landline receiver (the Hulger), which gets us back to what talking on the phone use to feel like. It seems as technology pushes us further and further away from the life we once knew, someone always comes up with the technology to get us back to where we started. You could say we like our technology to be more cozy. I'm one of those uber hip geeks who don't have a landline, so this kind of receiver is just what I've been looking for.



mike said...

this has been for sale at Fred Flare and in Urban Outfitters stores for a while now, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something here...

Tom Dougherty said...

I'm heading out to get one. I love that idea. Being in the car and using the ol' Sean Connery Bondphone is just too sweet to pass up.

Although, as soon as Urban Outfitters gets something, it's pretty much tarnished to sht. It's like Spencer's gifts or Hot Topic getting them in stock. Meh!

Sanat on said...

We had those here in Finland last Xmas, in red. Those were sweet!

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