Smith & Wesson

Copy: Precisions Rifles

Killer work for the prestigious rifle maker Smith & Wesson (pun intended). The idea here is so simple but it truly elevates rifle accuracy to an art form. All gun politics aside, it would be really cool if there were dudes who could make art like this with their guns and Smith & Wesson sponsored a rifleman art gallery and had live performances by gun artists. Beautiful work. Agency unknown.

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FishNChimps said...

S&W have a nice press campaign that ran in Germany last year. Accuracy again was the idea, the ads being blank sheets, each with a tiny target (a fly, beetle and a moth). Agency in that case was Springer & Jacoby.

zippy said...

Considering Smith & Wesson's history in the near extermination of native americans, I'm surprised the agency would suggest and the client would approve the image of an Indian Chief.

Clia Toris said...

Smith and Wesson recall -

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