Copy: Don't miss hit

These bug killer spray ads quickly go from painfully disturbing to wickedly funny. After playing on the stereotypical abuse ads they turn a hard corner to the product and you realize the wounds are self inflicted. Notice how much worse these ads would be if they didn't have the "stop violence" headline and only left you with the tag (which is really unnecessary in this case). It's a brilliant example of misdirection. Agency Carillo Pastore Euro RSCG, Brazil has done work for Rodasol in the past, but I'm not sure who did this specific work. Great stuff.

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Copy: Hear your favourite books

Sweetness. Done by Y&R, Malaysia. Wish I could read what books they used in these ads.

Smart Urban Stealth

I've been meaning to highlight this spec video for Smart car for a while but have been swamped. Elias Kouloures is a junior creative at BBDO Germany's 18 month creative-trainee-program . He and his team wrote and shot this video themselves. There's a very cool idea here. Urban Stealth as a concept could make a nice campaign starter. And there's an interesting cross branding going on with M&M that should be further explored. While I'm not a big fan of the announcery style voice over and the script should be tightened up, there's some forward thinking going on here that I wanted to applaud. What juniors lack most is polish. That's all this idea needs. You other juniors be sure to keep pushing to get your ideas out there - it doesn't matter how.

Beach Talk

Listen to the beach. It wants to stay clean. Details anyone?

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Schwarzkoph Taft Hair Gel

Copy: Ultra strong hold

This ad feels too clever for its own good. It's not branded and it overly exaggerates the product benefit. Smart, but advertising seems to be moving into a more reality based world, where the product somehow becomes a part of your lifestyle in a tangible way. Booklets, personalized stickers and decals, online interaction, these are real, physical ways of connecting with the consumer. While the ad schools pushed us into the nothing-but-the-logo-in-the-corner world, we are quickly escaping it and finding advertising with more attempts at meaning. Attempts is the key word there.
Agency: Creativejuice\G1 Bangkok

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Copy: Are you so indifferent that you didn't even notice this photo is upside down?

A bit old but still very powerful work for CARE,a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.

The Economist

As you know, the Economist has an incredible body of print work. But this ad is an excellent example of adapting an established campaign to speak to a very specific time and place, which magnifies the ad's impact. This ad was placed in the official program booklet of the Global Leadership Forum, an international conference held last August in Kuala Lumpur. Donald Trump was the keynote speaker at the event. They could have just put one of the Economist's old award winning print ads in the program but props to Ogilvy & Mather, Malaysia for taking this creative opportunity to enhance the brand experience for everyone at the conference.

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Guinness Darts

The best in-bar advertising I have ever seen. Done by BBDO New York.

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Radio Tango

Copy: Radio Tango brings the sound of rock'n'roll to the city

Acid rockin' guerilla campaign done by Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway. It's so simple but the stickers really transforms the trash cans and metal boxes into gritty rock amps. Low budget but big impact. I'd raise my lighter this campaign.

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A thesaurus is a writer's best friend - but only if you know how to use it. It's a book of ideas (in word form) with loose connections. You have to do the work to connect the dots properly. A good rule of thumb: if you have never heard a word that you find in a thesaurus, don't use it. I'm glad to see some copy heavy ads - it's rare these days. Good work. But a copy campaign is a bit expected considering the product. How would you advertise a thesaurus using a visual solution?

Speaking of, if you haven't, check out It's a very cool idea tool.

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Conspiracies on SABC

Copy: Watch "Conspiracies" every Sunday at...

Perhaps you have heard of the moon landing hoax. The missing stars. The waving flag with no atmosphere (or wind). I'm always up for a good conspiracy theory. And this ad does a good job of getting me pumped up for the show.

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Donate Your Coke Rewards

As an avid diet coke drinker I'm spreading the word about this generous new blog where you can donate your MyCokeReward points to a kid named Brandon who is in St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It's such a smart idea. I know a lot of you have those little red coded caps sitting on your desk right now, or have just been throwing them away. Let's face it - as individual coke drinkers, they're pretty useless. But together we can "pool our caffeine addictions" and get a sweet prize for a kid who could really use a smile - and isn't that what coke is all about? All you have to do is email the codes on the back of the Diet Coke you drink every day.

I don't think this is what coke had in mind for their rewards program, but consumers are quickly learning that they are in control. If people want to donate their rewards, they will. So, Diet Coke Drinkers, let's get back to drinking and let's spread the word about the site. Donate your Coke Rewards Here.


Mystery revealed. Smart work. I like how creepy the old guy looks. Agency unknown.

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This cartoon is so viral.

Viral Advertising. It's one hot buzz word right now. But it seems almost no one has any clue what it really means. If it's on the internet, it's viral - right? David Jones, Ad Week's cartoonist for AD LAND, points out most advertising folks are arrogant enough to believe they can make anything, really anything, go viral. But maybe us advertising people are powerful enough, or stupid enough, to really make it happen. Let's flex our viral muscles and make this "crappy cartoon" go viral as all get out. I have an ad blog, so I order you to make this go viral - you don't have to like it, just share it. That's what viral is all about - right? The cartoon even has its own You Tube - sweet.

Nova Schin

I'm going to be living the O.C. life all week out here in sunny southern California. I wish. I'm actually away on business and way too busy, so posting might be light this week. Bear with me. Meanwhile, check out these ads for Nova Schin, a non-alcoholic beer. It makes perfect sense. Hot girls are the typical spokespersons for beer. So, for non-alcoholic beer they went with hot, pregnant girls. Kind of freaky. Kind of funny. I will let you all hash this one out. Don't know the agency.

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Voce Amica

Copy: Talking Heals

Voce Amica is an Italian phone help line. This is a strong visual solution. They kept it simple. Agency Bates, Milan, Italy

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Nike - I feel pretty

I know I'm late on this one. I've been crazy busy. But If you haven't seen it, the new Nike spot featuring Maria Sharapova and the song from "West side story" is stellar. More great work from Wieden & Kennedy. Enjoy.


Copy: Calculates the intensity of the impact.

Here's a secret. Advertisers are horrible at math, but for some reason we like using equations in ads. What can I say? It looks cool.

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Copy: Don't let nature defeat you

I've said it before, advertisers love making stuff look like other stuff. They are also really bad at it. But every now and then an ad comes along featuring stuff that looks like other stuff that completely surprises you. It will give you a wow-that's-cool moment. Execution is everything; it will make or break a concept like this one. But give the ad a click - the image is subtle but amazingly powerful. Impressive work by art director David Ariyel at Publicis Conseil, Paris, France.

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Stop Smoking

August 29th - National Day against tobacco

I'm a couple days late on this one but thought you all might still enjoy. To celebrate the Brazilian national day against tobacco, 2 meters high poles were wrapped as cigarettes, below stop signs, all across the city of SÃo Paulo.

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