Close Up Toothpaste

Copy: Get closer

This seesaw literally forces people to "get closer" because its seats have been moved towards the center. It makes an interesting ambient ad but a pretty bad seesaw. I doubt this seesaw in the park will get a huge amount of riders (i.e. impressions). But its impact to those who do get the Close Up experience will be far greater than any billboard. It's great creative, but the verdict is still out on how well a seesaw can sell toothpaste. That was a bit of a tongue twister. Agency: JWT, Dubai

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Street Grill

Copy: Need a New barbecue? Call Vijay Sales at...

Outstanding guerilla campaign. Simple and cost effective. These kind of remind me of my barbecue. Great thinking. Wish I knew the details.

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Fresh Creation pointed me to this very cool site where product designers and inventors can put their ideas to the test. The site is kind of like "Hot or Not" but for concepts instead of sorority chicks. You view an invention or new product design and then are asked "You would buy this? Yes or No." The site tracks the votes and lets users leave comments. Not only is it a great idea, you also get to see some brilliant ideas that have yet to hit the market. Check it out at


Copy: You never really stop driving a BMW

Simple, visual branding work for BMW. Agency?

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You guys might remember the Duracell powered escalator, but I prefer this execution done by Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi. After all, once we all switch to electric cars, Duracell just might be what you find under the hood.

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Mizuno Sport Shoes

Copy: Choose your track

Very cool visual perspective bender. Turn your head and look at the ads at 90 degrees both ways. It has that M.C. Escher effect that makes your mind smile. Impressive art direction from the team out of AlmapBBDO, Brazil.

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Kung Fu School

Copy: For classes call...

As I was scanning the adosphere I quickly passed by this one a couple of times before I got the joke. I guess people won't mess with you if you know Kung Fu. Nice little one shot for local Wah Lum Kung Fu School. Agency: Maiden Lane

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First Person Shooter Glasses

For all you Call of Duty addicts out there, I recommend you get these first person shooter glasses. Now you can experience the thrill of the game all the time. These 3-D style glasses have a gun sticking into the frames to give you the true FPS perspective in your everyday life, wherever you go. While they seem completely pointless I love the thought and wish I had a pair myself. Created by Aram Bartholl.

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I usually don't highlight much Axe work, not because I don't think it's funny or clever, but it's just too easy to sell what they're selling. But this print ad is taking The Axe Effect to the next level, and this is where it starts getting interesting. For a long time now we have seen the effects Axe has on women and your sex life - but now we are starting to see the negative effects it has on the people outside the bedroom. Yes, this ad is still about sex but it's smart. Maybe too smart for its own good, and those twenty something college guys won't even get it. Agency anyone?

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Wrangler unlimited

Most of you probably remember the New Species Jeep print campaign that launched a few months back. Well now they have extended the idea into outdoor, and I must say, they have done an excellent job. Very attention getting work. They compliment the print instead of just repeating the same execution. Found these at Coolz0r.
Agency: BBDO, Detroit

You can also watch the TV spots here, here and here.


COPY: Dig!c delivers more colorful pixels

Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney

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Copy: A quarter of the road traffic victims were not inside a car.
Respect the traffic signals. Respect life.

You might need to click the ad to get a closer look. The names of pedestrians hit by cars fill the crosswalk. The ACA-M (Associacao de Cidadaos Auto-Mobilizados) is an organization dedicated to stopping the "civil-war" happening on Portuguese roads and protecting its citizens. This would also make a powerful guerilla campaign if they actually wrote the names of victims struck by automobiles on the streets in the crosswalk lines. Great work by FCB, Portugal.

Done by Helder Romao


We've seen the before and after pics of the models but this elapse time from-bedhead-to-billboard video done by Reginald Pike's Yael Staav for Dove's Real Beauty Campaign is out of control. Great work out of Ogilvy, Toronto.

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Burger King Triple Whopper

This new BK spot is deliciously bizarre. The execution is amazing. And while the commercial seems like it's out of left field, it actually nails the product benefit (and I'm sure the brief) - "It's a big burger." So big in fact that, that's right, you have to eat "like snake." I'm not sure if this was an Asian market spot or if the two guys just play off the broken english in the song. If it's not Crispin, it certainly feels like it. The music is perfect. I wonder if it's an original track created by the agency or if a pre-recorded song actually inspired the spot. When I'm eating a burger, I often wish I could eat like snake. Don't you?


These auto barrier posts are easily transformed into camera zoom lenses for this street campaign for the new Canon S1. Comment if you know details.

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If it's big and flat - let's make it an ad. The philosophy of Madison Ave. Looks like blackberry is forging ahead into uncharted waters with this new ad space - sails. Does it seem odd to anyone else that one of the most high tech gizmos on the market would choose to advertise on the world's oldest nautical technology? Sorry I don't have more details.

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Soup at Hand

Copy: vegetable Beef. In your hand. M'mmm M'mmm good.

Copy: Creamy Chicken. In your hand. M'mmm M'mmm good.

This campaign is super simple and it does a good job of embracing the cheesy name of the product and running with it. And who doesn't love shadow puppets, really? Smart work by BBDO, Toronto.

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Virgin Mobile

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I have been slammed beyond belief. Ended up spending the last nice weekend in Chicago in the office. Sigh. Lucky for you, it doesn't seem like you have missed much - the creative pool swirling around the web this past week seems a bit dry. I thought this was worth a look. Kind of kitchy but I like the lines. Done by Fallon, New York.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Watch Commercial Here

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I thought I would feature this spot created by, a website dedicated to education young people in Canada about breast cancer. The spot answers the question, "If men had breasts..." So, remember to check regularly. Why not take the opportunity now while you're at your desk to give a little check. You can really never check too much. That goes for you too guys. Breast cancer can also be found in men. Seriously, checking is the best way to prevent the spread of cancer.


Copy: If you don't stop your friends from drunk driving, something else will.

Interesting use of posters in bar bathrooms for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Done by Calder Bateman Communications.

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