Levi's Straight Jeans

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York

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Copy: Call the experts for any building challenge

Copy: Call the experts for real power

Copy: Call the experts for any challenge

Komatsu makes construction and mining equipment. These ads humorously demonstrate what these mighty machines could do if they were to go to work on some famous landmarks. I like how these massive products have been shrunk down to the size of ants, demonstrating how powerful they really are. Good work by Duval Guillaume Antwerp, Belgium.

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Online Tickets

Copy: Book your seats online at (web address)

An excellent poster for online booking at the Katona Jozsef Theatre in Budapest. Done by Leo Burnett, Budapest. I find the art direction strangely appealing. The low-fi, almost clumsy, quality of the poster is an interesting juxtaposition with the online techy product benefit. I can't tell you why - but I like it. I guess the simplistic art direction allows the idea to be the star, while a slick, stylized execution could potentially make this idea come off as cheesy.

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Anti Child Labor

Copy: Kids should make drawings not shoes. Save a child (phone number.)

I can imagine getting home and opening up my nice new pair of shoes, and being all excited to put them on, only to find this message crumpled up inside. Sheesh. Kind of a downer. But hey, it's creative. While I enjoy this sort of thinking, I have to wonder if any consumer would ever call the number. Or will they just re-crumple up the paper and throw it away, slightly annoyed. Engaging consumers when they least expect it can be a welcome surprise or it can back fire. This one, although quite powerful, seems to be on the line. Your thoughts?

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Ad Mashup of the Month

For those of you who have been wondering, Ad Mashup is not dead. It was merely on hiatus. But now it's back and updated and ready to receive your messed up, mashed up submissions. The idea was originally to highlight an Ad Mashup of the Month every month but as you can see from the blog achieves I kind of got behind. But enough with the excuses. Here, finally, is August's Mashup of the Month by Silvia Sperandeo from Milan. This well known Pony ad was transformed into quite the clever Play Station 2 ad. Great work. And for all you other ad geeks out there, it's not too late to get your Ad Mashup submission in before the November Mashup of the Month Award at Admashup.com. So, get to work.

by: Silvia Sperandeo - Milan

VW Van

If this ad is accurate, the VW Van seats 16 passengers (you can count for yourself). That seems like a bit of an exaggeration. I like the thought here, but what I find odd is how they forced this to be a completely self contained ad when they didn't need to. (The product shot is on his sign and there is no added logo or copy layed over the image.) Chauffeur drivers don't put a picture of their car under the name of the person they will be driving, so I don't know why the guy with the really tall sign has a picture of the VW Van under his sign. Interestingly enough, I think this ad would have been better if it was treated more traditionally, and the product shot and the logo were placed at the bottom of the ad in the corner. It's a minor change but it makes a big difference in preserving the realism of the image. Regardless, great thinking by Ogilvy, South Africa.

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Copy: Extremely Good Fertilizers

Apparently the animals are having to learn to adjust to the taller trees and the higher altitudes thanks to Floragard's extremely good fertilizer. This is the latest from, again, Jung von Matt - Hamburg, Germany.

Shout Wipes

Here's a new online video for Shout Wipes, done by DRAFTFCB Chicago, demonstrating how we can all bring clothes back to life. Think CPR for your favorite outfit (Clean Pant Resuscitation). Anyway, I think staining might be my new favorite sport. It looks fun, and I'm already really good at it. But that cute little pantaloon running up the hill at the very end is enough to convince anyone to stop staining.


LEGO re-thinks this famous photo to make an instant classic ad. More great work by Jung von Matt, Hamburg Germany.

Highspeed Pictures

I got a kick out of this Roadrunner Highspeed online spot. Blowing a tightly focused stream of air into a person's mouth, for some reason, is always entertaining. Comment if you know the details.


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Sorry for the lag in posts. It's been a busy week. advergirl pointed me to this spot for a Finnish Painkiller. It's a funny concept and they completely nailed the documentary style execution. This is one of those ideas that could easily be pushed into a lot of different mediums. I see a consort of headplayers giving performances, music downloads, etc. It's a sticky idea and probably the best pharmaceutical ad I've seen. Great work by agency Bob Helsinki.

McDonald's Birthdays

There is a lot of power in the subtlety of these ads. And somehow I even find the incredibly straight images funny. You almost start imagining the kids running and screaming through these quite photos. Usually ads that are this simple and have no copy are just showing you what the product does in some ridiculous or over the top way. But this campaign manages to actually give you a product benefit (tell you why you should choose McDonald's) without saying a word. Very smart work. It's simple, different and hard working. Great thinking by TBWA/Frederick, Chile.

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Dominos Cookie


A simple truth about life: laughter is infectious. Regardless of what you think of the odd Dominos dessert campaign that's running around the internet, this spot has to make you laugh. If it doesn't I'll give you your money back. A laugh is like a yawn, it want s to spread. This spot does a great job of spreading it. Directed by The Amazing Perlorian Brother (I think they should add the amazing part to their name.) And by Agency JWT, New York.

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Columbia College vs. Pollution

As a Columbia College Alumn I wanted to give a shout out to the Columbia students in Larry Minsky's Ad Agency Class responsible for this recent guerilla effort. The work is part of a campaign for ALAMC (the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago) to clean up Chicago's dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Sidewalks were pressure washed clean to reveal this outline and web address. The website www.cleanupfiskandcrawford.org refers to Fisk and Crawford power plants located in Chicago. These two power plants attribute to over 550 ER visits, 2800 asthma attacks and 41 premature deaths annually in the Chicago area. What I like most about this campaign is its direct approach at taking on the Man - calling these companies out by name. Instead of just whining about the great big, non-tangible world-pollution issue, Columbia is locally taking aim at the heart and putting a face to the problem. Keep up the work down there on S. Michigan Ave. And listen to Larry - he knows what he's talking about.


Copy: White as Milk

This is such a simple idea - but look how big of an impact it makes on the milk aisle. While most of us are dreaming up the next spinning-blinking-txt-bluetooth-interactive advert, it's good to see a powerful idea executed in its simplest form. Great work. Comment if you know the agency.

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Landscape Architecture

While most direct marketing pieces get thrown in trash before they are even opened, this one slowly stats to grow on you - literally. It's for a Landscape Architect company called Tur & Partner. I'm not sure exactly how it works but it looks like it either comes with seeds or is already embedded with seeds that grow right over the landscape blueprints. It's the first direct mail piece that needs watering. Great thinking by Jung von Matt - Hamburg, Germany

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Lamborghini Tractors

Simple and quite funny. This print ad for Lamborghini Tractors won Silver at Cannes. I didn't know Lamborghini made tractors. Anyway, this one gave me a smile. That dress is amazing. Done by LG&F, Belgium. Enjoy the weekend.

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Smart Car resorts to scaring us into buying a two-seater. I like the unexpected product benefit. It's funny. This Smart work was done by BBDO, Germany. I meant that both ways.

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Natural Born Golfers

Natural Born Golfers is an International Crossgolf organization. Crossgolf is basically an urban version of golf. Who wouldn't love Teeing off the top of the John Hancock building here in Chicago with the Bean as your target? This simple print ad captures the essence of the club. Done by Jung von Matt - Hamburg, Germany