Columbia College vs. Pollution

As a Columbia College Alumn I wanted to give a shout out to the Columbia students in Larry Minsky's Ad Agency Class responsible for this recent guerilla effort. The work is part of a campaign for ALAMC (the American Lung Association of Metropolitan Chicago) to clean up Chicago's dirtiest coal-fired power plants. Sidewalks were pressure washed clean to reveal this outline and web address. The website refers to Fisk and Crawford power plants located in Chicago. These two power plants attribute to over 550 ER visits, 2800 asthma attacks and 41 premature deaths annually in the Chicago area. What I like most about this campaign is its direct approach at taking on the Man - calling these companies out by name. Instead of just whining about the great big, non-tangible world-pollution issue, Columbia is locally taking aim at the heart and putting a face to the problem. Keep up the work down there on S. Michigan Ave. And listen to Larry - he knows what he's talking about.


Tom Tom said...

That's cool that they cleaned the outline there. That's pretty smart and goes totally with the message. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is either the work of Moose (, or a copy of his idea.

Either way, good to see the technique catching on...

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