Subliminal Creative

If you're not familiar with the work of Derren Brown, he's a mind master when it comes to suggesting, influencing, planting and hypnotizing. You should check out his other mental feats on You Tube. But here he gets into the head of a couple of ad guys, literally. Now, despite the clear awesomeness of this stunt, and before you say you're too creative to have ever fallen into this trap, keep in mind these guys only had 30 minutes. They were scrambling to come up with something and naturally these are some of the images and thoughts that first came to mind. But Derren does teach us something about the way our minds ideate. Our brains are pulling directly from everyday experiences that we aren't even remembering. Our bus ride to work, the lunch line, etc. So, pay a bit more attention to that boring stuff around you. Because you never know when you might be passing a Gold Lion idea.

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Samsung Millimetres Matters

To illustrate the slim micro-ness of Samsung's new phones, they filmed a slow motion, miniature pie fight vs. insects. And, somehow, seeing a banana cream pie catapult into the face of bee is strangely beautiful. The video is titled "Millimetres Matters" and directs you to a website. It's kind of an odd way of talking about small phones - but odd seems to be what makes a lot of things go viral these days. So, who knows, it just might work.

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Geek Your Moleskin

As a semi-gadget geek and an avid moleskin filler-upper, I'm strangely turned on by this moleskin notebook hack. This site shows you how to transform the most basic and trusted of all idea storage devices into an 80GB drive that could probably hold every idea you have ever had (which is kind of scary.) It's the same legendary notebook used by Van Gogh, Picasso and Ernest Hemingway, but rehabbed for geeky intellectuals. Love the idea. So, if someone wants to make me one I'll write a whole post about how great you are (and feature your work). Yes, I can be bought.

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Double Guinness

Copy: Please don't drink and drive.

Guinness hopes you're not seeing double. Or maybe they just want you to do a double take and a head check. See, I love work that goes the extra mile, work that wasn't necessarily easy to pull off. Here Guinness had new cans specially-designed, and then distributed them exclusively to pubs as part of their "enjoy responsibly" campaign. If you listen closely you can still hear the echos of someone saying, "come on guys, can't we just do those ads above the urinals like everyone else." I'm glad someone smart at BBDO Toronto, Canada said NO.

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Solo Mobile

Copy: Push here to try the walkie talkie phone. Your direct line to awkward conversation.

I know I'm late on this but it's just too cool of an idea not to post. If people got bored enough while waiting for the bus they could push this button and say the first thing that popped into their head. They would then be shocked to hear a voice answer back...from another person waiting on a bus in another city. These Walkie Talkie bus shelter billboards were connected to similar shelters in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary. I only wish Solo recorded the bizarre conversations that must have taken place and posted them online so we could all join in on the fun. Definitely one of those ad experiences I wish I was there for. More good thinking from Rethink, Vancouver.

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Power House Health Club

No, people aren't going to wear this shirt if you give it to them for free. And no, I don't think Power House Health Club is going to pay fat people to walk around in this shirt for others to see. So, I don't know what purpose this T-shirt actually serves. But it's a funny idea. And I like it. Agency unknown.

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Explorer & Adventurers

Copy: Rock climbing camp for kids.

Here's a striking visual outdoor solution to get kids to think about rock climbing. Now, while I like the thinking here, I have an unadvertising question to ask: are there any kids out there who still play hop scotch? Is hopscotch dead? Has this strange one-legged hopping game been reduced to exist soley as short hand for "child's play" only to be used by out-of-touch advertisers? Actually, the question has a lot to do with advertising, if only to remind us that it's important to make sure your ideas are as relevant as they are smart. Despite my prying questions, nice work by SaatchiSaatchi, Mumbai, India. (Hey, maybe hopscotch is big in India.)

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Miranda July's Homemade Website

As you regulars know, I don't feature a lot of online work. Partly because the interactive stuff usually isn't as simple or elegant or thoughtful as it could be. But I just fell in love with this website for author Miranda July's new book, "No One Belongs Here More Than You." It reminds us that you don't need a ton of flash-button-widget- embedded-java-rollover-send-to-a-friend nonsense to create a highly creative and entertaining site. In this case you just need a kitchen a dry erase marker and a free evening. It's as if we have all forgotten that a website is just a blank canvas for communicating. For a much needed reminder, check it out and then as a way of thanking Miranda for this bit of online inspiration, go buy her book.

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National Geographic Kids Magazine

Copy: Found in the Northwest pacific, Styela Clava is a form of marine invertebrate that consumes it own brain after using it find a place to live.

Copy: In April 2005 an unknown fungus caused thousands of toads to swell up to three times their body size and burst near the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Copy: Holorposencephaly is a rare disease that caused a kitten to be born with one eye and no nose in Oregan on December 28th, 2005

When I was a kid I was totally into these sort of real life freaks of nature stories. Still am. So, these ads do a nice job of pulling me in and tickling my WTF bone (you probably have one too). I also dig the varied art direction style; you don't often see that in a campaign. Plus ads always get bonus points when you actually learn something from them. So, three thumbs up for Fox P2, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Nike vs. Imus

Thank you, ignorance.
Thank you for starting the conversation.
Thank you for making an entire nation listen to the Rutgers team story.
And for making us wonder what other great stories we’ve missed.
Thank you for reminding us to think before we speak.
Thank you for showing us how strong and poised 18 and 20-year-old women can be.
Thank you for reminding us that another basketball tournament goes on in March.
Thank you for showing us that sport includes more than the time spent on the court.
Thank you for unintentionally moving women’s sport forward.
And thank you for making all of us realize that we still have a long way to go.
Next season starts 11.16.07

The second the words "Nappy Headed Hoes" spilled from Don Imus' aged lips, advertisers bolted to get out of the way of the air waves (to keep quiet). However, here we see a brand with balls that has decided to step into the controversy and actually make a statement. No surprise it's Nike. Here they offer fresh perspective and insight into these touchy times. I'm not trying to stir stuff up again, but props to W+K for just doing it.

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Sugar Free Ants

You don't need a flashy visual or a snippy headline when you have ants working round the clock to create your ads. Outstanding thinking by Rediffusion DYR, Bangalore, India on this sugar free ant campaign. While I'm not sure ants have as sophisticated palates as we humans they certainly know sweet and it seems some prefer the Sugar Free

Play Land

As a ride and roller coasters enthusiast, these ads have made me rethink the way I look at everyday objects. Only now do I realize I truly want to sit atop a fire alarm bell hammer. They also make me want to visit Play Land this weekend. Incredibly simple and imaginative work by, none other than, Rethink, Canada.

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Dancing Converse

This guy has created a USB powered dancing Converse shoe. What will technology give us next? Okay, so it's fake. It's an Ad, a very well executed bit of online viral goodness. I don't know what this guy is saying or who is responsible for this video but it doesn't really matter. Just take notes.

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Copy: The world needs children’s dreams.

Fun work with some depth. Like it. Agency: DDB Milan, Italy

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Lux Shine

Copy: New Lux Shine. For luminous skin sensation.

Dynamic use of the traditionally rigid neon sign animation. This takes the red zone ligth thought we recently saw much farther. I don't know exactly how this was produced but it would have been pretty awesome if they actually created this elaborate neon light billboard and filmed it cog style. Imaginative stuff by Santo, Buenos Aires.


Addis Paintstick

Copy: The Paintstick Paints Quick

So, you can't kill a cockroach by stomping on it, but you can capture it in a thin layer of paint and suffocate it to death. Good to know. Very simple execution here for the paintstick. It's elegant, in a gross way, despite that copy line being on the cute side. But notice the product demo diagram at the bottom, for any of you who might have been confused. Done by FoxP2, Cape Town, South Africa. But don't worry, thanks to our hero the art director, I doubt any bugs were harmed in the making of these ads.


Interesting and impressive use of the projection medium. We get to see the heros in a half shell save April from a burning building, much to the delight of pedestrians passing by. Despite the hype, I can't imagine the new TMNT flick is going to be anything close to as gnarly as the old-school films - at least the first one.

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Maybe it's too simple, but it kind of makes me want to go buy a new pair of Nikes. I guess they chose not to go with bottles of molasses for a third option. Agency: McCann Erickson, Chile

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Star Wars III

Very jedi ad mind thinking here. Agency enVision, in Denmark, had the front panel of these street billboards removed, exposing the florescent tube lights and creating light saber sweetness.

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When I first saw these ads in their thumbnail version I thought they were pictures taken of wildly exotic animals that live in far and distant lands, which can only be traveled via Hummer. I thought, that's pretty cool. But upon further inspection I read the tag line below, "Like Nothing Else." Sigh. Not only is that the most meaningless, uninforming and overused tag line, but it drastically limits what this ad can mean. Suddenly the ad is strictly a literal metaphor for a "different" kind of "animal". Without the tagline the ad could be imaginative, playful and at least interesting. Thus the power of boring words. Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai

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Clima Bicycle Lock

It's smart...for a visual solution. Done by agency: Star Reachers Group, Bangkok

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Pixelated Advertising

Pixelator is a video-art performance group, and this is their latest "art." They've turned the video billboards in NYC into a 45 mesmerizing, color-changing blinking boxes. Of course, there have been other attacks on these video billboards but none so pointlessly cool. Of course none of these online videos ever show their artwork being ripped down and thrown in the trash by city workers.

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Ford Ranger

Ford has introduced the Ranger Extreme Limited Edition with an expandable cargo bed that allows for 30% more load room. This matchbox idea seems like the perfect use of the increasingly used match-medium. Smart stuff from by JWT, Malaysia.

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Seems there's another creative draught in the blogosphere. But at least this new Puma ad floats to the top (you will only know how bad that line was after you watch the spot). Puma's advertising, like most clothing/footwear companies, is usually heavy on design and light on concept. So this spot, while visually appealing, is the equivalent of a minute long print ad. But I like the eerie, quiet nature of this work. Since Puma does most of their work in-house, I assume the same is true for this spot but don't hold me to that.

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Adidas Original

I'm strangely attracted to this Adidas watch ad. It's weirdly humorous, almost clumsy, and somehow smart. Doesn't it look like they spray painted the cuckoo clock white? Don't know the agency behind this oddly angtsful ad, but it makes me laugh when no one is looking.

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Copy: 2006 BC Fencing Championships

This is perhaps the first time in history someone might have walked back to the parking lot to find some advert placed on their car that didn't make them curse under their breath. And that, my friends, is one heck of an accomplishment. These white disks were placed over antennas to look like exactly like fencing swords. Simple, smart and smile-inducing work for a tough audience by Rethink, Vancouver, Canada.

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