Sony PSP

This idea for the Sony PSP is hilariously awesome. Basically it lets you play your PSP while making it look like you are reading The Divine Comedy. By looping your fingers through the two folds you can hold your video game behind the book. The phony hands look pretty believable (although completely ridiculous). The Cliff notes written on the back are a nice touch, just in case someone wants to know about what you are reading. Fun work by agency: unknown.

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There have been lots of songs with lyrics which people have misconstrued. Was Jimmy Hendrix really saying, "excuse me while I kiss this guy?" Here Berlitz language breaks down another song that could potentially be confusing to someone without an ear for the language. I wonder if Reverend Hammer actually knew how his song was going to be used when he signed away the rights to Berlitz. It's a fun spot despite going a bit long. However, it's not quite as funny as this hilarious interpretation of a famous Beatles Tune.

Penguin Books

Okay, I'm back from vacation and actually relieved to have missed a lot of the Cannes madness. A lot of outstanding work this year. Congrats to all thew winners. I'm sure you got your fill on the other blogs. I did, however, want to highlight this powerful campaign that took home a Silver Lion for Outdoor. They say books transport you to another world and in this case, it seems, a much less boring world. I read a book every morning on the red line on my commute to work and I think these ads act as brilliant reminders to bring something to read along with, wherever you're going. Killer work by Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore.

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Blog On Vacation

I will be cruising the Caribbean all week, and eating, drinking, reading, swimming, sleeping and definitely not blogging. So, come back next Monday for more ad fodder.

Advertising Warfare

We're all familiar with guerrilla marketing, well this is more like ambush marketing. Jet Airways, India's largest airline, announced that they had changed. So, Kingfisher Airlines, bought the billboard above and hijacked Jet's message, claiming that Kingfisher was responsible for the "change." A bit of a Hertz strategy for India's little airline guy. While I'm not sure how fair and ethical this marketing strategy is, I imagine it's quite effective. We love seeing a David beat up on a Goliath.

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Movies for iPod

(small movie posters)

(played tiny previews on the big screen)

Great thinking for iPod movies from Net#Work BBDO, South Africa

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The Crescent Theatre

TAG: Get closer to the performance

Proof that Direct Mail can be a highly interesting medium. The letter is actually a one page theatre script, the envelope sets the scene. The play is just a mundane conversation set in your own living room centered around the letter you're holding in your hands, but that's what makes it funny and engaging. All the information for the theater comes through in the script's dialogue, making a typical boring direct mail experience, like the theatre, entertaining. Great work by Rees Bradley Hepburn, United Kingdom.

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Chevy Scratch and Win Car

Here's an unconvential promo. In Great Britain this new Chevy Captiva was coated with that silvery scatch card material with thousands of scratch-and-win panels beneath. People were invited to use one of the many pennies on the ground to try and reveal the You Win! square. The person who found it, won the car. Let's just hope it wasn't too scratched up. There really doesn't seem to be much of a brand message here but it's sure an innovative way to get people to see the car and engage with it (perhaps take a peek through the window to see the plush interior.) In the words of P.T. Barnum (master of marketing), "A sucker is born every minute." Don't know the agency.

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Copy: Too pretty to hide

To generate awareness for BRAUN Silk-epil Epilators (which give a women silky smooth legs for 4 weeks), helium balloons were tied to a model's skirt, leaving only her legs exposed as she walked around a mall. While the branding seems a bit hard to see (on the balloons), I'm sure this definitely got a ton of heads turning. Sure, it's a little weird and kind of eery looking, but quite engaging, entertaining and, apparently, effective. Traffic to the store increased around 25%. Interesting and out-there thinking by Agency: BBDO Duesseldorf.
AD: Joni Caparas, Patrick Hahne
CW: Elias Kouloures

Testing Sony HD

It might not have made you laugh out loud, but this spot is really funny (sophisticatedly so). It walks a brilliant line of the fantastical and the real. To imagine Sony engineers testing their HD cameras by creating a trippy poodle car wash with giant bubble making robots is a wonderful thought, and the pay of line is perfect, "Testing HD to the limit." Love the spot (and even it's soundtrack). Created by Fallon, London. Talk about a fun shoot to be on.

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Pedestrian Targets

Copy: Gun Crime Affects Us All

Simple and smart work with a lot of stopping power. By Agency: John st., Toronto

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DDB's Big Head

Suddenly, DDB has grown a head to large for its own body. You can click to read some of the agency's impressive achievements over the years (Most awarded agency in Cannes' 50 year history, for example). But, of course, if you look closely you can see the figurative tongue in the cheeks of these gigantic heads. These self-promo ads were created by the Paris office.

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An incredible outdoor execution for Havaianas Sandals. Sure, we've seen vaguely similar thoughts from the likes of Adidas Adicolor, but this psychedelic giant sandal is by far more spectacular -crazy-cool. Outstanding work by Agency: unknown.

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Not a Runner

Here's a fresh perspective on running from Nike. It's essentially the antithesis of all their work they have done up until now. The inner monologue of a fat guy while watching a Nike ad. It's also quite funny. Done by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam for the UK market.

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Here's a new TV spot for Absolut Vodka in their "In an Absolut World" campaign. Yeah, I'm still not exactly sure what that means. But apparently Absolut is one of the few liquors that actually makes people less violent. While I think the execution and almost everything about this spot is right on, doesn't it remind you a little too much of this commercial and this one.

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Hamster Shredder

I love the simple, idiotic brilliance of this paper shredder hamster cage, done by artist Tom Ballhatchet. Ideas like these make my little brain smile wide.

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3-D Web Pic Modeling

Some very cool stuff going on at Seadragon. Check it out. Things get really interesting a few minutes into the presentation as we see every picture on the web linking together.

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Ocean's 13 Space

If you happen to visit MySpace today, you will notice the homepage has been transformed into a giant red poker table, which is surrounded by the stars from Ocean's 13. Unlike your standard banner roadblock, you really can't ignore this ad placement. While this happens to be a pretty smart movie promo integration, the question becomes, will MySpacers begin to reject their "My Space" as it quickly becomes just another "Ad Space"? The online world will quickly learn how far is too far because consumers can now vote with their clicks instead of their wallets.

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Pattex Adhesive

I like the thought here. During a soccer match official balls were glued to the Pattex billboard making it look like the balls had missed the goal and stuck to the ad. As the game progressed more balls appeared. While I would prefer it if the Pattex billboard was actually unreasonably sticky and soccer balls clung to the billboard upon contact, I imagine that violates some sort of rules and would interfere with the actual game balls. Regardless, thanks to DDB Berlin, Germany for doing something interesting with the incredibly boring sport sponsorship advertising medium.

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