Heinz Sqeeze Mayo

Copy: Heinz mayonnaise. Now in squeeze bottle.

Pretty gross, and yet quite funny. This ad doesn't really make me want to purchase Heinz squeeze mayo, but I definitely now know that it exists. I appreciate the bold, untypical introduction. Done by Leo Burnett, Brussels.

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Dirty Advertising

In this case, mud is the medium. These Nissan Frontier Billboards were caked in mud to highlight the SUVs rugged, off-roadiness. Cool idea. Seems a bit hard to execute on a large scale but it got my attention. Good stuff from Lowe, El Salvador.

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Hot Wheels Track

Consistently, Hot Wheels has been able to capture the simplistic brilliance of how kids see the world. When I first saw these ads, I instantly imagined some little twerp running his tiny race car along the head board, down the bed post and along the mattress making those "vroom vroom" noises–we all use to do it. These ads capture something very real and very true and for that I wave them the checkered flag (whatever that means). The creatives at Ogilvy, Mumbai are thinking like kids again and I like it.

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Touch the Rainbow

More Rainbow Randomness from Skittles. You know, I can't say these spots are smart or strategic or effective, but I sure like them. Seems TBWA/Chiat/Day - New York has truly harnessed the mysterious power of the rainbow.

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The Bright Side of Dark

What if we could save energy using Google? That's the idea behind Blackle. Apparently, a computer exerts less energy displaying a black screen than it does a white screen. With that thought in mind, a group called Heap Media believes a black Google would conserve a significant amount of energy if multiplied by the number of searches conducted on Google each day. So if you're not quite ready to go hybrid or buy those expensive light bulb, just use blackle. It's certainly an interesting idea, despite it's name. (I would would have gone with Google Dark or something less forced feeling.) Maybe Google will decide to go green by going black and take up the cause on their own. Another example how a little goes a long way.

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Art and Music

Stunning graphic work here for a concert series that will feature some of the finest musicians in the world. This spot was done by Jung von Matt/Elbe for Konzerthaus Dortmund to mark the start of the "Junge Wilde" (Wild young things) concert series for this 2007/2008 season.

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Carlsberg Beer + Mento

Have you seen what happens when you drop a Mentos in a Carlsberg Pint of beer? Surprisingly, there's quite a violent reaction.


Copy: Meet the new Adobe Creative Suite 3

Awesome use of the new interactive (motion sensing) billboards by Adobe introducing the new Creative Suite software. You can tell these would be a lot of fun to see in person, at least this woman thinks so. I believe these were done by Goodby.(Anyone know for sure?)

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Yello Pages

Sometimes the execution is so well done, it doesn't matter that the idea comes straight off the brief (and the Adam's Family). In this case, it's a win win for both agency and client. It's fun, simple and straightforward thinking complimented by a hooky, trippy sound track. Done by Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland.

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Copywriters, if your art director has a birthday coming up, here's the perfect gift. A company called W2 Products now has the exclusive rights to design all Pantone-branded products in Europe, and they're starting off with the creative tool we all use the most...coffee mugs.

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Suicide Prevention Center

Copy: Help Yourself

It's original, smart, on strategy and quite attention getting. It's the first solid peace of advertising I've seen in about a week. Done by And I don't know who did it (Leo Burnett, Sao Paulo?). Is it just me or does way to much crap get posted on the ad blogs? Weeding through it all turns out to be quite exhausting.

Thanks to Ricardo for sending me the credits

Agency: Leo Burnett São Paulo
Client: CVV (suicide prevention center)
Creative director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art director: Ricardo Toledo / Andre Gola
Copy: Carla Cancellara / Digão Senra

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Expand Your Brain.

More smart thinking for the Economist, by BBDO, New York. Don't know how these were distributed but I like it.

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The Ad Break Up

Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid once quipped on the back of one of his business cards, "If you talked to people the way advertising talked to people, they'd punch you in the face." In this case the consumer just wants a divorce. Of all people to claim they can fix the relationship between consumer and Ad Man, it's Microsoft. This spot was made for their Digital Advertising Solutions. I would have preferred it if their shirts weren't screaming "This is who we're talking about" the whole time. But overall, the spot was surprisingly charming and at times humorous. However, it's very easy to point out the forest of this industry's problems. I'm still waiting to hear the solution part in Microsoft's Digital Advertising Solutions.

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Mad Men on AMC

Click here to watch trailer.

Advertising people are constantly being asked, "is your job just like Mel Gibson's in What Women Want?" Or perhaps they will reference Bewitched. The media has always had a clumsy, and simplistic way of portraying the profession of advertising, as mere sitcom fodder. Yet here we have a brand new show out from AMC that again uses advertising as it's hook. It's called Mad Men. But, surprisingly, it looks like it actually might be really good. It was created by the writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos. It's set in 1960 New York, during the “Golden Age” of advertising and seems to have a fresh and smart approach. The biz has changed a lot since the 60's but I'll be interested to see how we, as a group, are portrayed. From the looks of it, we might be exposed as the evil, mind manipulators that we truly are. That or drunken womanizers. I imagine the show will be either highly entertaining or will hit too close to home to watch. See for yourself on it's premiere July 19th on AMC at 10/9PM CT.

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Sink Skating

The Z Boys of Dogtown were the first to start skateboarding in empty Pools in Santa Monica in the 70's, and basically birthed the vert. Sure, the bathroom sink is a bit smaller but it's basically the same idea. Rad little idea for a shop promoting skate lessons. I imagine now someone will do a wind surfing version in the toilets. Agency unknown.

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Advertising Torture

Okay, so I took the 4th of July Week off of blogging. But don't fret, you really didn't miss much. The simple rethinking of a sandwich board (one of the oldest forms of advertising) was one of the most interesting things I saw all week. Done by Y&R, Amsterdam for the Torture Museum. After just catching up on the hundreds of print ads and commercials flooding the adblogosphere - I'm more convinced now than ever. Traditional media has become invisible, boring and a waste of money. Even the good stuff. If you want to engage your customers, you really need to stop making ads.

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