Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

This is one of the best headlines I've read in a long while. It's not trying to be funny or weird or outrageous, it's just true, in a most surprising and powerful way. The copy continues in the same lean-in manner. Since this is the first ad I've seen from the Japanese athletic company, I don't what they're all about. But if I had to guess, I'd say they're representing the dark side of Nike, which is a cool place to play in. Long live long copy. Don't know the agency.

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Fish Bowls Reinvented

XS or XL: is about relationships between a big fish and a small one living together.

Above Water: tells us about the fish and the plant sharing the water.

Pure Life: is about purifying the water directly when refilling the bowl.

Basically our job in advertising is to take something that's common and often boring and turn it into something fresh and interesting. Something that will start a conversation. This new project simply named "Fish Bowls" does just that. Here are just 3 of the 15 variations, and reinventions of the standard fish bowl designed by Roger Arquer. It's a brilliant exercise in re-inventing the wheel, which sometimes must be done. Fish Bowls will be exhibited in London this September as part of an exhibition called Conversational Spanish 02. View all the fish bowls here.

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Gone Running

Once you've establish a passionate target audience, just keep talking to them. These "Gone Running" signs were given to runners, the kind of people who always seem to just suddenly go missing. Great stuff here from W+K

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Ugly Betty

It's an ad with a bag on its head. Simple. Funny. Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner. Good stuff by Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand

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Bar Code Crosswalk

Copy: Shopping Curitiba's Sale

Just when I thought that we had seen every cross-walk execution possible, this one comes along and still manages to prick that innovative part of the brain. Instead of just making one of the stripes look like a coffin or making one stripe whiter thanks to M. Clean we see the entire crosswalk repainted to look like a bar code advertising a store sale in Brazil. But after this one, I think we are really done with crosswalks. That is, of course, until someone comes along and reinvents them again. Agency: OpusMĂșltipla, Curitiba, Brazil.

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This Subaru spot takes a page out of Office Space, but instead of dorky white guys head groovin to Damn it feels good to be a gangsta in bumper-to-bumper traffic we see some German engineers getting down to Rock me Amadeus while spinning out around the test track. Odd. Slightly confused. But at least different in what tends to be a generic car category. Done by DDB, Canada.

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Bike Courier Service

We've seen several ads printed on toilet paper, but non of them really seem to pay off, since, after all, people end up wiping their own butt with the brand. But here's a bit of toilet paper advertising that has a much cleaner message. It's a nice idea, except for the fact that it's an ad created for only one person. Instead of a cost per thousand, this is a cost per one. Unfortunately, I have no details for you.

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Virgin In-flight Movie

Copy: 59 onboard Movie Channels Johannesburg - London.

Agency: Net#Work BBDO

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Coke II

After the success of their Happiness Factory spot, Coke did what any film studio would do, create a much longer, more expensive, and more complex sequel. Apparently Happiness Factory Part Two premiered in second life yesterday. The 3.5 minute film was created by W+K and Psyop. It's quite the impressive heart warming production centered around a brand - but let's just hope coke doesn't pull a Rocky on us. The world doesn't need Happiness Factory 7. Great stuff W+K.

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VW Simulator

Three different car ceiling covers were sent to potential customers to simulate the top-down driving experience of the VW Eos convertible. Interesting idea, but I think driving with this fixed scene overhead would kind of freak me out. You know when you're car is stopped but then something else starts moving and it feels like it's you that's moving. Well what happens when your car start moving but everything above you stays still? Anyway, I'm not sure how many people actually took the time to do this, but it's a lovely direct mail thought by DDB Sydney, Australia.

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Chrysler Voyager

I see a lot of commercials online each day, but few manage to catch me off guard and actually make me genuinely laugh. This spot succeeded. It's so quick (clocking in at 10 seconds) that it leaves you with that tingly feeling, when your brain is still trying to catch up to what it just saw. But notice, they didn't explain the idea back to you at the end with a cheesy voice over, "When you drive a Chrysler, you want the whole world to know it." Sometimes the best way to get out of a tv spot is to just get out and let the audience sell themselves. Agency: Contrapunto, Spain

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Jeep Heritage

New work for Jeep, from Cutwater, celebrating 66 years of Jeep-fun and counting. Quite the odd year to be celebrating, however, few cultural icons were spared in the making of this spot. But here's my list of important cultural icons missing: Double Dare with Marc Summers, Rubin Studdard, Lassie and glow stick dancing. What's your list?

Coffees of Hawaii

Quite the special delivery from Coffees of Hawaii. We are use to getting fliers and free samples of junk left on our doorstep. It's usually just annoying. But by simply attaching a parachute to the sample and placing it in a unique spot tells a funny story and generates both a smile and some interest. What better way to announce your Hawaiian coffee, delivery service than to fly it directly from the islands and drop it from above on your doorstep. Really fresh thinking on an age old marketing tactic by Guerrilla Communication - Chattanooga, TN.

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A defendant on trial is often portrayed as a despicable, morally depraved piece of flem. His lawyer, who is taking the guilty's side, comes off even worse. But these ads for do a powerful job of portraying the guilty as human and, like us all, vastly imperfect. The tagline, "People Make Mistakes," is so simple but at the same time packed with so much honesty that it makes one ponder the very nature of what it means to be human. These ads also help shift our cultural bias against attorneys . When an ad can make it's point and get someone to stop and think deeper than a purchase transaction, it's been hugely successful.

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Horror Fest

Copy: Horror Film Festival 10-11 Feb. 2007

If traditional methods of advertising don't work, try scaring people into trying your product. In this case, for the horror film fest, it seems to work. These blood transparencies were placed under doors to make people think they're living their own nightmare, if only for a few seconds. Scary good work by Rediffusion Dyr, Bangalore, India.

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