Coming Back Soon

So I've got something in the works. Expect an Advertising for Peanuts relaunch in the next two weeks or so. I've got new writers coming on board and a completely new blog format and a site redesign. It's going to rock this tiny little ad blog world. So check back in. You're going to like what you see.

A Blogger Says Goodbye

Well, Kind of...
Here's the deal folks. I have been offered an incredible opportunity to work at an agency who's work I have admired for some time now and I'm moving to Boulder, Colorado (today actually). It's an agency known for big ideas, long hours, and late nights. So the little free time I'm going to have in the future, let's just say I don't plan on spending it blogging.

However, I've put a lot of work into this little ad blog. After two years of discussing work I think is freshly forward, I have built up a modest, yet noticeable presence in the blogosphere. And I would hate to see all that go to waste. So, I'm thinking about my options. I'm open to bringing on new writers. Changing up the format. Re-thinking how the blog world talks about advertising/ideas and seeing if some fresh blood can take this thing to the next level (whatever that is).

I'm most interested in exploring what you guys feel you're most lacking from the ad blogs. I've noticed a serious drought of insightful commentary (or any for that matter). We see lots and lots of ads, and read lots of random comments. But I'd like to build something that doesn't just celebrates great work, but also dissects it. A place we can all learn something and then push each other to do better work as an industry. I don't know what that blog looks like, but maybe you do. Maybe you're interested in building it. Let me know.

So, this isn't quite goodbye. But the future of Advertising for Peanuts hangs in the foggy air. Don't expect any regular posting for the next few weeks. But do expect something interesting to be happening here. That alone might be enough to keep you coming back in the short term. Thanks again to all you regulars. It's been fun. I'll let you know when I emerge from my work coma.